Taste of Chaos

Dear Taste of Chaos,


Thanks for bringing your show to Australia again. Unfortunately, TOC Melbourne was one of the most average shows I've been to in ages.


Don't get me wrong, there were some really high points ( Gallows and The Used) but a half full Vodafone Arena does not make for good atmosphere or sound. Maybe next year you could do two shows (U18 and 18+) at Festival Hall?


Enough about that though, let's talk music. I turned up at 6:30 (half an hour after doors) to find that The Bled had already played. I was really looking forward to seeing these guys again after they had overshadowed From Autumn to Ashes at Hi Fi earlier this year, and quite disappointed that I missed them. I think they could have been scheduled a little better – surely a local band would have been willing to play as the doors opened.


So the first band I saw – Drop Dead, Gorgeous. I only have one thing to say – get a better sound tech.


Which brings me to the saviours of TOC – Gallows! Brutal, brilliant, fast, crowd berating – and every other band was side stage watching. Highlights included 'Orchestra of Wolves', 'In the Belly of a Shark', and 'Abandon Ship', but showmanship was the real winner. Frank Carter was foul-mouthed, in the crowd, trying to teach kids how to work a circle pit, getting crap thrown on stage at him (including a wallet), not letting anyone touch him or take photos ("this isn't a zoo, I'm not an animal") and basically bullying the young crowd into liking him. IT WAS BRILLIANT! I would love to see these guys do a couple of shows at The Arthouse or The Tote – it would be bliss!


An AFI cover band were next… Aiden. I don't get it, if you want to pay homage Davey Havok fine, but be careful not to come across lacklustre. I don't get fluoro either. Am I getting old?


Rise Against were good. They're so solid, every time I see them I smile. 'Ready to Fall', 'Give it All' and 'Survive' were definitely the strong points of this set.


Which brings me to the headliners – The Used. Now that there've got three albums behind them The Used have a great festival set list. There was a banner behind them saying "I woke up in a sweat from the American Dream" and cardboard cut outs on stage of famous faces past and present (Paris Hilton, Rocky, Charlie Chaplin, George W, Marilyn Munroe, Superman). The Used were the band that really connected with the kids. 'Taste of Ink/All That I've Got/Buried Myself Alive' as a medley was excellent. I'd really like to see it on a live album or DVD. Bert McCracken is one of the most charismatic front men I've seen this year.


I hope that there'll be a stronger line up next year (and maybe a change of venue). 2006 was such an all star line up that it was always going to be difficult to come up with something to match it. Don't worry though, the kids will still come.


Yours in ringing ears, Concerned Fan


P.S. Do you think we could have a Friday show again next year?

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