Soundwave Festival 2008

feat. Incubus, The Offspring, Alexisonfire, Plain White T's, All Time Low and more.

What a day it was. Music lovers from all walks of life entered through the gates of the Melbourne Showgrounds. The majority sporting black band tees, skinny leg jeans and Chuck Taylors all eager to rock out to the sounds of some of the world's biggest bands. After getting my VIP wristband, I skipped the line and walked straight through the gates to the main stages. Kicking things off on stage 1 were – Halifax. Although not many people much about them or their music, I'm sure they converted some fans that day. Next up on stage 2, crazed teenage girls went nuts for Panic at the disco-sounding, Boys Like Girls, with a crowd sing-along to their current radio hit, 'HeroHeroine'. Lead singer Martin Johnson gave permission to the crowd to kick the shit out of a guy because he threw a bottle at drummer, John Keefe. I then popped on over to catch a glimpse of All Time Low. Playing on a very small stage, they managed to fill the grass space they had, also add the VIP tent to that list and you got yourself a decent crowd for your first Australian music festival. I was making my way back to the main stages and I could hear people screaming. The Plain White T's had hit the stage and they immediately had everyone getting their grooving shoes on. They played songs from their fourth album, Every Second Counts. And then came the number one song everyone had been waiting to hear ‘Hey There Delilah'. The showgrounds had then turned into one big campfire sing-along, minus the fire. To end their set they finished with their new single, 'Our Time Now'. It was now 3:30pm. So I decided to go check out the market stalls and grab a bite to eat. I got to the food van only to find 4 lines of people that were about 50 deep in each. So I wandered over to the slingshot, an amusement ride where 2 people sit in a round cage and get flung into the air. A young couple thought they would ‘give it a go'. I'm pretty sure there were some wet pants by the end of it. I jumped in the line for food, grabbed a thing of chips and a can of drink $7.50 later I wasn't so hungry anymore. The Melbourne sun started to heat everything up, and I noticed a lot of burnt faces moshing to Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Due on stage next was Goth rockers, Mindless Self Indulgence. To be honest with you, I hadn't heard much of their stuff but I sure had heard a lot about their energetic live performance. Me and one of my mates made our way down toward the front. Out they came and lead singer, Jimmy Urine greeted us ‘Hello, you bastards'. I knew from that moment, this was going to be a comedic set. He cracked jokes about emo's and told the crowd that he was ‘The Bunyip' and was out to get us. I stood there thinking, ‘Wow, this dude is a bit mental'. It was pretty funny though. Moving on! Thursday came out rocking, getting the crowd pumped up for the rest of the evening. Although I think they scared the shit outta the security when they told the crowd to perform ‘The Wall'. The Wall is where you split the mosh pit into two sections, straight down the middle, and then when the music starts, you run towards the middle and collide with the other side. Some crazy stuff but everyone was alright. At least that's what I heard. Motion City Soundtrack. Three words I definitely don't need to repeat to remind anyone who saw them. They were one of the highlights for the whole day. And you could tell that from the reaction of the crowd, first song of the set ‘Fell in Love Without You' got the crowd going. Awesome set throughout and topping things off with ‘The Future Freaks Me Out'. Stage 1 was set alight as Alexisonfire took front and center. Their set kept the crowd sweating with songs such as 'Accidents', 'Boiled Frogs' and 'Drunks, Liars, Sinners and Saints'. George Pettit is one hell of a performer. And I'm not just saying that because he didn't wear is shirt on stage :) Incubus. Who are they? As if anyone wouldn't know who those dudes from California were! I am not the biggest fan of the ‘bus however; they do put on an incredibly awesome live show. Brandon Boyd's vocals were right on key. He had the crowd singing along to every radio-hit they had. 'Nice To Know You', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Megalomaniac' and of course, 'Drive'. Now came the time. The time when everyone just stops, looks, and screams. The Offspring. Those blokes deserved headliner status. They've been around for longer than I've been alive, and they sure know how to entertain 10,000 people. They cranked out 'Bad Habit', 'Pretty Fly', 'Original Prankster', 'Gone Away' and 'Hit That'. They also showcased one of their new songs, Hammerhead, which received a good reaction from the crowd. Only setback here was, 4 songs in, and they lost their lighting. But got it back a couple of minutes later. Offspring were hands down the best of the day. All in all, Melbourne Soundwave 2008 was a huge success minus the food prices, long queues, time clashes and dust. Bring on Soundwave 09.

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