Pyramid Rock

Scissor Sisters, The Living End, Goyte, Grandmaster Flash, Boy & Bear, Drapht, Spiderbait, Cloud Control, The Panics, Owl Eyes, Illy, The Bamboos, and more

Who would of known the first long distance road trip taken in the little red P plated car would result in no wrong turns, no dramas and no Navman screaming ‘you have taken a wrong turn, turn around'. The 4 hour trip from Geelong to Philip Island was a well enjoyed drive with a pit stop for food and an update on the cricket scores. Before we knew it we were lined up in a queue a mile long, (which turned out to be the wrong line anyway) eagerly awaiting the entry, after bypassing the patron line, we went thru a dirt road entrance down behind main stage, where we would call home for a few days. The views from the ‘Rock star' campsite was breathtaking, just over the hill a perfect view of ‘Pyramid Rock' and an amazing sunset on the hot summer nights we encountered. Music Festivals are one thing that everyone should have on their bucket list, and Pyramid should be up there with Big Day Out, Falls and Meredith. The atmosphere around the campsites are electric, groups of strangers, that are your neighbors for 3 days know you as well as your best friends by the end of the weekend, and would give you a message on Facebook when the next year they return.


The abundance of crazy dancing, intoxicated strangers wishing you a happy new year, A guy proposing to his girlfriend on the main stage at 11.30 on new year's eve, A band reciting the Australian batting line up and playing catch with a tennis ball with the crowd in sound check, and people dressed as care bears and various animals courtesy of the coolest market stall , is why these events come alive with teenage patrons and artist alike, I even saw a few artists dressed as unicorns new years eve! Music is one thing that brings people together, weather you are lucky enough to get a free pass into the VIP lounge where you can lay on the deck chairs and drink Chardonnay, or you're a patron, that has set up camp, left at 5am just so you where one of the first in so you didn't have to walk 3km to get into the arena.


The likes of Scissor Sisters, The Living End, Gyte, Cloud Control, Illy, Calling All Cars, Tim & Jean, Owl Eyes, all gracing the stage with their amazing presence, some artists involving special appearances in their sets, such as Owl Eyes in Illy's set.


I saw some sweaty people up in the front row as the days progressed from morning to dusk, with big crowds for hip-hop favorites Drapht, The Herd & Illy, even the security guards where getting into the hip hop mood, waving their arms from the front of stage. Big turn outs also came far and wide for Ash Grunwald, Boy & Bear,& Owl Eyes, with many patrons braving the heat and pain of sunburn to see their favorites in action. Owl Eyes set was no doubt incredible, but when she started playing the intro to the Triple J like a version cover (Pumped up Kicks) the 2,000 people crammed in Pharaoh's Annex all stood and danced, like it was Brooke's own song. Boy & Bear likewise a breathtaking performance proving they deserved every one of those 2010 Arias. Goyte also pulled a huge crowd, when asking the crowd to step in for Kimbra's verse in "Someone I use to know" he had to request the vocals be turned up because the crowds vocals where louder than his own. New years eve showed exceptional acts where Bluejuice provided the crowd an energetic and exciting set with some interesting styling and amazing stage presence, as well as a stage dive, until 11.20pm to hand over to Scissor Sisters to bring in the new year.


Patrons where all very well behaved from my point of view, and the security and organizers must be applauded for their efforts, the festival ran smoothly and by the looks everyone had a fantastic time bringing in what will hopefully be a exciting and rewarding 2012.

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