Co-Starter #2

Featuring: Dirty Harry and the Rockets + Modus + The Muddy Turds + The Uprising

On the 11th of February 2005 approximately 100 people attended Co-Starter's 2nd gig, which was held at the River Arms Ulverstone and showcased some of the Tassie's finest original talent.


The Uprising's performance was gratefully received and many questioned why they had been advertised as "The Uprising Duo" when there were in fact 3 of them, maybe it was because the Co-Starter crew are unable to count or it could just be the drummer had a last minute change of plans and was able to attend the show. Either way I was very impressed with their performance as was several of the punters I spoke to that evening.


The Muddy Turds were different to say the least and put on an amusing show allowing the drummer to showcase his exceptional talent. Considering this was the duo's first gig together they played well. The lagerphone was unusual but suited the performance and the light show during The Muddy Turds was by far the most interesting I have seen in awhile.


Well it was the first time I had heard Modus or even heard of Modus and I will admit did initially have some doubts but as soon as these guys started playing they all seemed to disappear. They were put on a superb show that the crowd seemed to enjoy which surprised me considering the make up of the audience.


The final band of the night was local boys Dirty Harry and the Rockets these guys managed to surprise pretty much everyone there. But looking beyond the "little drummer" and the "huge haired bass player" these guys were splendid in the way they played and handled themselves performance wise. Crowd participation was at its highest during the last set I have don't know if this was due to the band performing or the large amount of alcohol that had been served through out the evening.


Overall I enjoyed myself and will no doubt be attending more Co-Starter shows in the future.

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