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  • they call me tim wrote on 19 Jul '02, 11:19 report
    What an awesome forum!

    Just curious about what everyone here's listening to at the moment?

    I've had The Dirty Deeds soundtrack on high rotation for about a week now along with Tumbleweed's 'Return to Earth'

  • forum joe wrote on 19 Jul '02, 11:26 report
    Well, currently playing in my headphones is:

    No Use For A Name - The Answer Is Still No (live)

    but I'm not listening to the CD, it's just one of the 4689 tracks in my mp3 collection.

    In fact, from now on whenever I post on this forum I shall tell you what track is currently playing. How exciting!
  • wrote on 19 Jul '02, 11:29 report
    I've had Dave Matthews Band 'Live in Chicago 98' on all week. Also been watching the Nine Inch Nails DVD that's out.

  • marcus wrote on 19 Jul '02, 19:45 report
    Ignite - A Place Called Home

    Speak 714 - self titled

    Strung Out - An American Paradox
  • fallon wrote on 19 Jul '02, 20:00 report
    'How to Ruin Everything' - Face to Face
    'Together Again For the First Time' - Pulley
  • 14hz wrote on 19 Jul '02, 20:05 report
    the vines - HIGHLY EVOLVED
  • angelica wrote on 19 Jul '02, 20:09 report
    I've been giving the new chili peppers album a big run recently.
  • pedro wrote on 20 Jul '02, 15:09 report
    David Gray - White Ladder
  • lift wrote on 20 Jul '02, 15:48 report
    Sigur Ros - Aegetus Byrjun, i have been listening to this for about a year non stop

    ben Chistophers- spoonface,

    NIN - the fragile
  • superphlegm wrote on 20 Jul '02, 18:17 report
    Sparklehorse Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
    Deus In a bar under the sea
    NIN The downward spiral
  • bob lebowski wrote on 20 Jul '02, 19:58 report
    At the moment I've been playing the new Chili Peppers album a lot and also the Amos cd I got last week. Today however I've been watching my new Victor Wooten DVD. This guy is a freak of nature bass player. That's about it.
    Have a nice day.

  • scrotumpole1 wrote on 20 Jul '02, 22:52 report
    New Chili Peppers cd, bit dissapointed with it tho , also the resident evil soundtrack, yes i know its old but all the roadrunner bands are on there, so its good, RIGHT!
  • boni wrote on 20 Jul '02, 22:59 report
    Another Race!! Theyre awsome. Where can I get a Mechanism CD??
  • linc wrote on 20 Jul '02, 23:19 report
    Counting Crows - Hard Candy
    Pearl Jam - Yield (I bought it on vinyl)
    The Hive - curiosity flow
  • redefine wrote on 20 Jul '02, 23:24 report
    Butterfly Effect- The Butterfly Effect

    RHCP- Blood Sugar Sex Magik

    Shihad/Pacifier- Comfort Me (single)
  • linc wrote on 20 Jul '02, 23:44 report
    Add to that Brant Bjork and the Operators (ex-Kyuss drummer). Cool cool record.
  • coffee and tv wrote on 21 Jul '02, 09:46 report
    passengers - original soundtracks

    pollyanna - long player

    blur - 13
  • angelica wrote on 21 Jul '02, 10:20 report
    Scrotumpole, I thought the new peppers album was awsome. It's so different to their old stuff, but I can see glimpses of their old stuff in it also. It's an interesting blend of sounds from previous albums, but with a new, fresh edge. But I guess, everyone has their opinion.
  • maus wrote on 21 Jul '02, 10:47 report
    Speedranch^Jansky Noise
    Kronos Quartet - Black Angels
    John Cage
    Skeleton Key
    the Night Terrors - nt is stupid
    Aphex Twin - Druqks
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Nurse With Wound
    the Dirty Three
    Jaco Pastorius
    John Zorn/Masada
    Angelo Badalamenti
  • marcus wrote on 21 Jul '02, 11:16 report
    yesterday i got Antiskeptic's CD, "Menoirs of a comman man" and i must say that it is awesome. also during a trip to north hobart yesterday, i discovered how cool Aroma Records is. i'm gonna go back on monday and get that Restraing CD they have there, along with the new No Use For A Name one. its good to see those guys stocking some new releases before any of the bigger stores for a change..
  • davey_g wrote on 21 Jul '02, 15:19 report
    Um mostly 2 Cd's
    Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow
    Black Eyed Peas - Behind the Front (first CD)
  • pang wrote on 21 Jul '02, 15:30 report
    Starship - 'We built this city on rock and roll' - 12"

    Afrika Bambaataa - 'Looking for the perfect beat 1980-1985'

    Kraftwerk - 'Trans Europe Express'

    Fischerspooner - '#1'
  • orange lozenge wrote on 21 Jul '02, 22:02 report
    Bauhaus- Swing the Heartache: The BBC Sessions

  • johnny 8-ball wrote on 22 Jul '02, 08:47 report
    The Rev Horton Heat-24 Hits.

    Fantomas-All of them

    Nick Cave and his very Bad Seeds- Henry's Dream

    Melvins-Stonor Witch and Houdini

    Ramones- Mania


    Dave Brubeck
  • dmsvede wrote on 22 Jul '02, 14:47 report
    Fiona Apple
    John Butler
    Ben Harper
  • fallon wrote on 22 Jul '02, 17:00 report
    '80-85' by Bad Religion is also awesome.
  • orange lozenge wrote on 22 Jul '02, 19:39 report
    Listening to:
    Preston School of Industry-"The Idea of Fires" (Almost, i said almost, as good as pavement)

    About to listen to:
    Guided by Voices
    Einsturzende Neubauten.

  • maus wrote on 22 Jul '02, 19:54 report
    Hey Orange, one day you might like to check out

    You mentioned EN.... I may be on a tangent here but you never know?

    Oh and, Dillinger Escape Plan/Mike Patton - Irony is a Dead Scene... what I'm listening to that is and EXO III.
  • scrotumpole1 wrote on 22 Jul '02, 21:21 report
    Angelica, dont get me wrong, i love the chili peppers but i just dont think its up 2 the standard of there previous albums, well ive only had it 4 a few days so it will probally take a while 2 get used 2
  • ben the cunt wrote on 22 Jul '02, 23:29 report
    The CD's nearest to my player...

    Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

    Max Romeo and The Upsetters - War Ina Babylon

    Culture of Kings volume 2

    Bill Hicks - Rant in E Minor

    everyone else tastes except mine suck, thats why they are my tastes.
  • maus wrote on 22 Jul '02, 23:54 report
    Bill Hicks is (was) the shit!
  • forum joe wrote on 23 Jul '02, 11:28 report
    Starship - 'We built this city on rock and roll' - 12"

    Afrika Bambaataa - 'Looking for the perfect beat 1980-1985'

    Kraftwerk - 'Trans Europe Express'

    Fischerspooner - '#1'

    This has to be the best selection ever. No ones list has even come close the awesomeness that is Pang.

    Now Playing:
    Pop Will Eat Itself: Get The Girl and Kill The Baddies
  • lift wrote on 23 Jul '02, 11:59 report
    Kraftwerk are great.

    Right now: Manic Street Preachers, The Holy BIble.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 23 Jul '02, 14:32 report
    yeah 'trans europe express' is fantastic hangover music.
  • orange lozenge wrote on 23 Jul '02, 17:14 report
    Was listening to:
    Bowie-'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...'

    Currently Listening to:
    Iggy and the Stooges-Raw Power (lift, give me back my copy of Funhouse...I nnneeeeedddddd it bad)

    Will be listening to shortly:
    Wire-'Pink Flag'

  • andrew wrote on 23 Jul '02, 23:50 report
    currently: Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    High rotation:
    Cex - oops, i did it again.

      In The Begining, There Was Rythym : comp with Gang of Four, This Heat(one of the best bands ever),The Slits, The Pop group, Throbbing gristle ... my fuck it kicks arse.

    Sage francis: Personal journals(hip-hop for goths)
  • hobbytim wrote on 23 Jul '02, 23:58 report
    hip hop for goths..........

    shits all over my old Rush albums....sigh
  • johnny 8-ball wrote on 24 Jul '02, 10:23 report
    Alright Iggy and Raw Power at that. Good choice OL.

      Oh shit, i forgot to mention MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!
  • wheelsfalloff wrote on 24 Jul '02, 10:37 report
    Im kinda getiing into OLIVER! the musical
    "CONsider youself....part of the furniture!"
  • newfoundbobby wrote on 24 Jul '02, 18:57 report
    bodyjar - plastic skies
    new found glory - sticks & stones
    one dollar short - eight days away
    reel big fish - favourite noise (cant stop it!)
    saves the day - stay what you are
    midtown - living well is the best revenge

    also having some "the ataris" moments... as you do!
  • chris ac wrote on 25 Jul '02, 10:41 report
    recently I took my friend's mint condition pet sounds record down from the wall and gave it a listen
    it's good. a bit like high llamas except better
  • ben the cunt wrote on 25 Jul '02, 11:25 report
    I think Smile is da best:

  • chris ac wrote on 25 Jul '02, 11:36 report
    I was tricking
    I'm listening to "Karl and Chris being Gay down the sewers" AKA "Gay Noise Tape"
    - side two just before the bit where we think junkies are coming
  • eggy666 wrote on 25 Jul '02, 11:38 report
  • maus wrote on 25 Jul '02, 12:08 report
    Yes - Fragile
    Global Genocide Forget Heaven - Reality
    Ornette Colman/Thelonius monk - Naked Lunch strk.
    Merzbow, Dead World, Candiru etc. - Realease Your Mind comp.
    Muslim Gauze, Milk Cult, Kid 606, Tomahawk...


    Sergio Mendes
    Pj Harvey - To bring you my love... INSECTS!
  • lsprod wrote on 25 Jul '02, 15:07 report
    The soundtracks to 'Pi' and 'Requiem For A Dream' So Clint Mansell basically.
  • peregrin wrote on 25 Jul '02, 15:29 report
    well... right now i WOULD be listening to my AIR - Virgin Suicides cd, by OL has it... so i am listening to my Portishead - Dummy cd that i have permanently borrowed from Emma
  • lift wrote on 25 Jul '02, 20:40 report
    Dummy is a cool album.

    Right now its Smashing Pumkins - Mellon Collie
  • orange lozenge wrote on 26 Jul '02, 15:46 report
    Was listening to:
    Built to Spill- 'Perfect From Now On'

    Am currently listening to:
    The Stooges- 'Funhouse'

    Thank god lift gave them back. I am whole again.

  • maus wrote on 26 Jul '02, 16:05 report
    The soundtracks to 'Pi' and 'Requiem For A Dream' So Clint Mansell basically.

    Yeah I like how Aaron Aaronofsky is sticking with Mansell... the music's suited well to the images.

    Fuck the Big Arvo cracks me up?
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