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  • wrote on 9 Sep '04, 15:07 report
    This is for Sleepycat's benefit:

    Art-rock band 'the Church' back from international touring in the US and Europe, will be playing Australia in November with one show only in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

    FRI NOV 12 The Gov - Adelaide
    SAT NOV 13 The Corner - Melbourne
    FRI NOV 19 The Metro - Sydney
    SAT Nov 20 The Zoo - Brisbane
  • flip wrote on 9 Sep '04, 15:14 report
    Fuck yea, i might have to make the trip over for this one.
  • red messy wrote on 9 Sep '04, 15:26 report
    There are a couple of Church LPs in a secondhand shop somewhere in Hobart (im not telling which one) and i want Sleepycat to convince me to buy them.
  • sleepycat wrote on 9 Sep '04, 16:16 report
    Thanks Matt. I knew about those. Not much happens in the Church world that escapes my notice (via Seance, Hotel Womb, the official site, Karmic Hit or other irregular Church Army emails.)

    Probably a good place to mention that Steve Kilbey turns 50 this coming Monday, September 13th. I've emailed Coxy and twisted his arm into playing one or two Church songs on ZR next Monday in celebration (must have been the ominous tones of "See you at Moorilla in November" that did the trick!)

    There's a page where you can send the man a birthday greeting, PM me for the URL today if interested (I'd rather not leave it out here where the trolls might find it.)

    There are a couple of Church LPs in a secondhand shop somewhere in Hobart (im not telling which one) and i want Sleepycat to convince me to buy them.

    I think I know which one you mean. I won't try to twist your arm but I will tell you what they're like.

    Seance is one of the bleakest records they ever made (the other really dark one is Priest=Aura, which fans tend to rate as their best ever). It's slightly poppy droning post-punk, a sort of parallel of very early Cure. Highlights include a lovely little wrist-slitter called "Electric" from which very little hope escapes alive at all, and a very chaotic thing called "Travel By Thought" that is much more noise than song and is supposed to make a lot more sense on one or more of acid, dope or funny fungi.

    Heyday is the classic Church sound, bright breezy shimmering alternative guitar pop, arrangements with brass and strings and crapola, a spooky instrumental etc. Very much a record of its time (mid-80s) but pretty and poignant all the same.

    Same shop has a copy of the Persia EP. This fits between the above two in style and time, and is excellent. However the best reason to buy it as an EP is the cover art, since you can now get it and two other EPs (Sing Songs and Remote Luxury) on one CD, remastered, for around $30.
  • red messy wrote on 9 Sep '04, 16:30 report
    well you've done it... i just hope he doesnt get rid of them before i can get over there
  • martin wrote on 10 Sep '04, 11:27 report
    Saw the 'Persia' Ep the other day... i nearly shelled out for it.

    So, they are back from overseas, are they? Fuck me the time has gone quick. Last December they were superb. Fucking most fantastic guitar duo in Australia.

    I dont have time to write more bout the Church right now - but keep this thread alive!
  • sleepycat wrote on 14 Sep '04, 05:08 report
    And lo, on the day Steve Kilbey turned 50, "Almost With You" did ring out over Hobart at 10:15am, and the masses were all much enlightened and rejoiced.
  • martin wrote on 14 Sep '04, 13:33 report
  • andrew wrote on 14 Sep '04, 14:25 report
    And lo, on the day Steve Kilbey turned 50, "Almost With You" did ring out over Hobart at 10:15am, and the masses were all much enlightened and rejoiced.

    It really is a beautiful song, that one. One of those mature love ballads that you never find anymore.
  • sleepycat wrote on 14 Sep '04, 22:31 report
    It really is a beautiful song, that one. One of those mature love ballads that you never find anymore.

    And (this is not so well known) it is also about communicating with the dead via seance.

    Mr Cox says that "Reptile" is his favourite and that was all he could find in the studio but this particular member of the Church army is not complaining. Better that he played that than Unguarded Moment which has proved to be a bit of a first-album albatross over the years, or Under the Milky Way which is lovely but has been played to death.
  • martin wrote on 15 Sep '04, 17:07 report
    Heard Marty Wilson Pipers album 'art attack' for the first time the other day. I enjoyed, mostly because it gave me ideas on how to compose acoustically... but yea, his Swedish days and all the balledeering that took place.. either way, i love the timbre of his voice, and wheterh its ballads or feedback wilson Piper or Koppes is making, they sure are fantastic. Consumate songwriters , and totally mood music. And very oz as well.

    Also playing on high rotation has been 'Sometime Anywhere' . Theres a lot of crap on the album, but the song 'Loveblind' has to be when of the most captured microphone takes ever!!
  • sleepycat wrote on 16 Sep '04, 02:21 report
    I have "Art Attack" but have never got into it as much as some of his others. I'm very fond of his fourth solo album "Spirit Level" in particular, very dark and lush.
  • sleepycat wrote on 23 Sep '04, 17:15 report
    Anyone else see the election feature for young people in the Examiner today? I could hardly believe my eyes. Mark Latham's response to "favourite band": The Church.
  • martin wrote on 24 Sep '04, 09:47 report
    well, that man has taste, then. Bacon dug floyd and dylan. keating liked Sinatra, i wonder what Howards into? probably farnham.
  • cyclemumner wrote on 24 Sep '04, 09:50 report
    The Wiggles
  • sleepycat wrote on 24 Sep '04, 21:16 report
    well, that man has taste, then. Bacon dug floyd and dylan. keating liked Sinatra, i wonder what Howards into? probably farnham.

    In the article, Howard's answer was "Dire Straits".

    I find it hard to believe that Howard was completely sincere, maybe he was pitching at a younger audience or maybe his musical tastes are from an older time when singers weren't members of "bands".

    I mean, "Brothers in Arms"? "Industrial Disease"? Hardly Tory lyrics really.
  • sleepycat wrote on 13 Nov '04, 22:37 report

    Hell has frozen over, Armageddon is here, etc.

    In their current round of Aussie concerts the band has been playing "The Unguarded Moment" live for the first times in just over 20 years.

    Apparently it is a "slow acoustic version".
  • random poster wrote on 14 Nov '04, 02:41 report
    morrissey would do a way better version, if he could be bothered that is
  • automated wrote on 14 Nov '04, 05:54 report
    Someone kick me, When the church played gone south I totally didn't know who they were, so instead of listening to them I went to the bar instead.


    so much for ignorance being bliss.
  • eggy666 wrote on 14 Nov '04, 11:14 report
    Someone kick me, When the church played gone south I totally didn't know who they were, so instead of listening to them I went to the bar instead.


    so much for ignorance being bliss.

    you didn't miss much dude
  • martin wrote on 14 Nov '04, 22:03 report
    Eggy was getting his cocked sucked by a tramp instead.
  • kevin wrote on 14 Nov '04, 23:03 report
    One of the things that dragged me to that Gone South was that The Church were playing (OK - and Living End) but for some reason I had never seen The Church play live before. Wrong places, wrong times.

    To a certain extent, I agree with Eggy, didn't miss much at that gig, but they were never going to get people excited that day. Most reaction came from Milky Way. I just wanted to see them though.

    I'd love to see them in their own gig in a smaller venue though. Dream on.
  • sleepycat wrote on 27 Nov '04, 00:22 report
    morrissey would do a way better version, if he could be bothered that is

    Interesting concept. Mozzer has the self-pity but isn't so big on the explicit standoffish defiance. I'd probably pay to hear him attempt to cover TUM because while it would probably be a pitiable failure, if it worked it would be a very different interpretation.

    Speaking of Church covers, I believe Augie March did "Reptile", now that I would like to hear sometime.
  • hobbytim wrote on 1 Dec '04, 14:21 report
    well, we play 'Almost With You' as an acoustic thing... it is such a beautiful song.

    They're rally playing "Unguarded Moment"?????

  • sleepycat wrote on 1 Dec '04, 16:31 report
    Yes, it's been played several times.

    I heard the acoustic "Almost With You" version from the Liberation Blue acoustic album on radio this week but haven't got the album yet, not sure it is in stores.
  • flip wrote on 1 Dec '04, 16:39 report
    Yep it is Sleepycat, i saw in Wills in Launceston the other day. Looks really good, i'll be getting that as soon as i can afford it.
  • sleepycat wrote on 1 Dec '04, 17:04 report
    Sounds like it could be here then. I'm off to town right now to check!
  • sleepycat wrote on 1 Dec '04, 23:28 report
    Why the ALP lost the last election:

    This from a concert review post on seance (the church email list):

    * Steve revealing the Australian Labour Party wanted to use UTMW during the recent election campaign. It didn't work out but Steve claimed it would have been an "election-winning song"

    I'm amazed, I go away for three weeks and when I come back there's this new Church album out that I had previously not even heard more than the vaguest rumours of on the many Church grapevines I belong to.

    el momento descuidado is an entirely acoustic album comprising nine previously recorded songs and five new ones. The re-recorded songs are: The Unguarded Moment, Almost With You, Metropolis, Chromium, Sealine, A New Season, Tristesse, Under The Milky Way, Invisible. The Unguarded Moment is extremely different from the original, as are some of the others. The reworkings are brilliant! Sorta dark Spanish feel on the whole.
  • kevin wrote on 2 Dec '04, 10:46 report
    Got me. CD shopping at lunch time.
  • hobbytim wrote on 3 Dec '04, 13:40 report
    bought it, (partner works in music shop...)



    go buy it people, believe!
  • kevin wrote on 3 Dec '04, 13:55 report
    Couldn't find it at Aroma yesterday (mind I didn't ask, was in a hurry). Gunna have a look in the city tomorrow.
  • sleepycat wrote on 3 Dec '04, 18:19 report
    Warning: biased fanboy ravings below again.

    Got mine in the small one of the two shops in the mall. I'd heard them acoustic before many, many times but nothing quite prepared me for this. The originals sound like they were written in about ten minutes, with deceptively simple language and rhymes that often seem extremely contrived when written down on paper, and sometimes stay so even when you hear them, but sometimes work astonishingly well. It made me realise that although I'd heard acoustic Church stuff before, they have never yet written a body of work for an acoustic setup. I'd like to see them do it more often now.
  • sleepycat wrote on 3 Dec '05, 02:01 report
    It had to happen.

    Sometimes the comments are almost as weird as the blog. Steve has been threatening to write the blog for a while then publish it all as a book.

    And then there's this:

    Back With Two Beasts (many have misread "beasts" as "breasts") is not the official new Church album, but a side-release advertised to fans as a "jam album", a sequel to last year's Jammed. However those of us expecting another album of long instrumental jamming were in for a big surprise when this album turned out to consist of ten tracks, all with vocals, only one of which could really be described as a "jam". In fact, these tracks are actually outtakes from the next mass-release Church album Uninvitied Like The Clouds scheduled for release in early 06. The only track that actually sounds like a jam is over 20 minutes long with a seemingly endless chain of Kilbey spoken word, most of it about him appearing in a movie about your life (or something like that, I've never managed to concentrate all the way through.)

    As this is an outtakes album I only recommend this release to fairly to very serious fans, but if anyone wants it you can buy it (at the usual exorbitant postage charges) from the merchandise section of the official site.

    Exactly a year since my last post on this thread. Shpooky.
  • barney dog wrote on 3 Dec '05, 07:18 report
    I wish the Church would play their own shows in Tassie. How long has it been since they played here, not counting Gone South?
  • sleepycat wrote on 3 Dec '05, 19:22 report
    The previous appearance before Gone South was Steve and Marty at the Uni Bar on an acoustic tour in 1995. The one before that was at the City Hall in 1991.
  • sleepycat wrote on 19 Dec '05, 23:37 report
    This has taken some fans by surprise:

    Church on a mass mission

    By Peter Ker
    December 14, 2005

    ONE of Australia's most enduring bands, the Church, will play for the
    masses at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

    Secrecy cloaks both the opening and closing ceremonies, which have a
    combined budget of $50 million. But The Age can reveal the involvement
    of the Church, who rose to prominence in the 1980s with hits such as
    Unguarded Moment and Under the Milky Way.

    The band recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and will launch a
    new album, Uninvited, Like the Clouds, in March.

    The opening ceremony will be held at the MCG on March 15, and the
    closing ceremony on March 26.

    Yesterday members of the Church were unable to confirm their role in the
    Games. "As far as I know we are not competing in any events," joked Tim
    Powles, drummer, pianist and producer.

    The Church will arrive in Melbourne within the next 24 hours for gigs at
    the Corner Hotel in Richmond tomorrow night, and a sold-out appearance
    at The Famous Spiegeltent on Friday.

    The signing of the Church to the ceremonies program has re-ignited
    concerns in artistic circles that Melbourne 2006 organisers may be
    trying to bully performers into working in the two ceremonies for no

    The Church were reluctant to perform for no fee but agreed to an
    "improved" offer. That offer remained unconfirmed yesterday, but
    Melbourne 2006 chairman Ron Walker was adamant that just participating
    in such an event was incentive enough.

    "No professional performer is being paid," he said. "It's not
    exploitative at all. It's a case of performers serving their country and
    having the honour of serving their country in the same way the
    volunteers are serving their country."

    The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance ruled out a blanket ban on
    performers working for free at the ceremonies.
  • mr wedge wrote on 20 Dec '05, 00:19 report
    The previous appearance before Gone South was Steve and Marty at the Uni Bar on an acoustic tour in 1995. The one before that was at the City Hall in 1991.

    And the one before that was about 1985. The band I was in played support at the Menai in Burnie. A most enjoyable evening was had by all, as I recall.
  • sleepycat wrote on 20 Dec '05, 02:50 report
    That figures. I had heard they played Launceston in around 1984 so that was probably the same tour.
  • sleepycat wrote on 2 Jan '06, 01:34 report
    The band's 1994 album Sometime Anywhere was fucked about with royally by their then record company, Arista. The band recorded the track Business Woman to show Arista that they really could write a polished pop song if they wanted to and the joke backfired on them when Arista put it on the album against the band's wishes. In total, Arista moved two tracks from the bonus disc to the main disc and two the other way. That was the last album they did with Arista.

    I have just found out (courtesy of a post on the now somewhat quiet Hotel Womb forum that as well as the two substitutions, the band's intended original track ordering of the album was very different.

    This is what was meant to be Sometime Anywhere. If you have the bonus disc that came with the first x00 copies, you can burn or programme your own version of what SA was meant to sound like:

    1) Loveblind
    2) Day Of The Dead
    3) Angelica
    4) Fly Home
    5) Two Places At Once
    6) Lost My Touch
    7) Lullaby
    8) Cut In Two
    9) My Little Problem
    10) Dead Man's Dream
    11) The Time Being
    12) Eastern
    13) The Maven

    (and the bonus disc was meant to be Business Woman, Drought, Macabre Tavern, Authority, The Myths You Made, Leave Your Clothes On, Freeze To Burn.)

    (Hotel Womb was a victim of the global ezboard quake and really hasn't been the same since.)
  • sleepycat wrote on 21 Mar '06, 05:30 report
    In the blog linked to above you can read at length what Steve made of the Commonwealth Games at which the band appeared if you scroll down a few entries to "the games people play now...everynight n everyday now". In short, he flames the shit out of it.

    The band has just released the so-called "Block EP" (glorified speak for single with a few b-sides.) "Block" is a strange and very lyric-heavy but oddly catchy cut from the upcoming "Uninvited Like The Clouds". I have seen it in a few shops in town going for around $10 (after declining to pay well over $20 to get it through the official merchandise site.)
  • sleepycat wrote on 19 Apr '06, 02:45 report

    A new Church album is upon us at last. I have to be honest and say that I do find this one a bit patchy after the obligatory first half-dozen listens. There are some awesome tracks here but there are also a few tracks I think could have been best replaced by some of the best material from Back With Two Beasts (which is now supposed to be an album in its own right and not an inferior "outtake" - shame then that it's not equally easy to get). My pick of this lot are tracks seven through nine - "Pure Chance", "Never Before", "Real Toggle Action", all of which have an experimental space/prog/artrock feel.
  • sleepycat wrote on 25 Apr '06, 00:48 report
    I have to be honest and say that I do find this one a bit patchy after the obligatory first half-dozen listens.

    ... and after about two dozen I think it's very very good indeed. Not the easiest Church album to get into. It's split down the middle between a couple of different moods - jangly pop on one hand and spacey stuff on the other. Not like other Church albums that tend to either have a single prevailing mood or else sprawl all over the place.

    I've just found out another Church member has a personal online presence:

    In this case the "blog" section seems to consist mainly of him just talking about all the music he likes. The Willson-Piper record collection is known to be enormous.
  • sleepycat wrote on 18 May '06, 02:51 report
    The political views of Steven Kilbey have long been a mystery to fans, as for such a prolific lyricist he almost never touches directly on any current issue. It's generally been assumed that his political views were left-leaning and anti-materialistic but even in interviews it has rarely been discussed in any detail.

    Now on his blog (URL above) it has all been coming out. It started with a post about drugs, in which he discouraged use of hard drugs, encouraged pot-smoking, and issued various broadsides at the illegality of drugs compared to guns:

    how can guns be legal and drugs illegal
    would ya rather a drug user
    or a gun enthusiast move in next door
    do guns kill more people than drugs?
    are guns more dangerous than drugs?
    theyve somehow brainwashed ya into thinking
    that drugs are "un-american"
    but guns are yer birthright
    ya know gw bush was a coke fiend
    even possibly a dealer
    oh but thats ok
    hes now born again
    the man who leads the free world
    is a certified drunk driving
    coke snorting
    draft dodging
    cowardly s.o.b.
    who says his most proud moment of the last 6 years
    was catching a big perch in his own lake

    This passing comment on guns sparked massive flamewars in the comments section with a couple of gun nuts who happened to be Church fans. Next day Kilbey came out swinging against the gun nuts:

    a big hello to all the firearms enthusiasts
    who set me straight on guns
    why gandhi loved guns...even the one that shot him
    why jesus loves guns
    why we need more guns
    guns for everyone
    thank you
    now please desist
    you and i are diametrically opposed
    guns are made to kill and maim from a distance
    you see in the olden days
    you actually had to have some skill
    and some balls
    if ya wanted to kill another man
    but guns made it much much much easier
    jus' squeeze that cute lil trigger, kidss
    cmon you dont have to know nuthin'
    bang bang
    you just saved liberty

    look im sorry
    i tolerate most stuff on here
    but i think you got the wrong blogg mister
    i dont know frankly why youre here at all
    you mustnt have listened to my songs, dude
    you werent tuned into my wavelength, amigo

    no more progun stuff
    im asking ya respectfully
    i ask you as a son of a man who gave 5 years of his youth
    shooting and being shot at
    in france, italy and germany

    A post sufficiently provocative that one long-term fan (who has often been involved in flamewars with other American fans on account of being a moderate Republican) publicly turned in his fan badge, much offended (even though it seems SK's spray was not aimed at him).

    Next day Steve was back with still more, highly praising the recent work of Kurt Vonnegut, also praising Michael Moore and unloading on the Iraq War and the Bush Family:

    i saw a picture of george w and his brother jeb
    and theyre saying pres jeb?
    and gw saying
    hes a big strong guy...makes the decisions
    fiendss have ya seen this fucking imbecile ?
    in that huge country
    they have 10 million men more suited
    to this most crucial position
    than this obviously stupid tub of lard
    bathing in nepotism, cronyism
    and fuck democracy we were born to rule
    fiendss the bushes are going for a dynasty here
    thats what ya fought yer war against us limeys for
    in the first place
    to get rid of one brutal moron handing
    down the crown to his even more brutal stupid kids
    now look what ya got

    So there we have it folks. The man is most certainly a leftist.
  • innocent^criminal wrote on 18 May '06, 03:03 report
  • sleepycat wrote on 27 Aug '06, 16:00 report
    Upcoming Australian tour dates:

    the church – magnetic strip tour dates


    Support: The Valentinos


    Support: TBA


    The Valentinos


    Support: The Valentinos


    Support: Mark Moldre & The Valentinos


    Supports: Mark Moldre & The Valentinos

    I was actually hoping to tie in a trip to King Island with seeing them in Melbourne (going to KI via Melbourne from Hobart is cheaper than going via Burnie apparently now) but the time I'll be on KI is 13-15 October so it won't happen. Damn!
  • sleepycat wrote on 31 Aug '06, 12:32 report
    Waiting for some food to be cooked in a takeaway store a few days back I chanced to notice an individual with a hairdo worse than Leo Sayer's singing "Under The Milky Way" on Australian Idol. Kyle Sandilands praised the version but said he hated the song.

    In today's blog entry this is just a small sample of what Steve Kilbey has to say about our shockjock pal:

    anyway eventually a strange but hip young druid
    sings under the friggin milky whey
    a bit too jazzy n with a weird accent
    but not a badde version of the olde warhorse
    ooh ooh
    guess what
    koylie handshandylands
    dont like my song
    and he says it over n over
    like hes got a personal axe to grind
    and that means
    you dont know understand music or art or culture
    and i was so happy you hated my song
    cos youre anathema to me
    you are my total opposite in everyway
    and i would be disturbed if you cared for anything
    that i had done
    so there you go
    not a badde version of the olde milky...
    yer a complete failure as a villain
    have me on yer show koylie
    i dare ya!
    lets duke this out man to rodent
    i'll fuckin have ya!
    yer pathetic!
  • blackdog wrote on 31 Aug '06, 13:39 report
    Good onya Steve! I saw that, everyone else on the show was calling 'Under The Milky Way' an Australian classic like they actually had some sort of understanding of good Australian music and Kyle just kept bangin on about how it sucked. Then again he liked that abysmal song his girlfriend put out 'Ooh Ahh' which just reaffirms what a dumb fat fuckhead he is.
  • sleepycat wrote on 25 Sep '06, 23:07 report
    The Church appear on Live at the Basement this Thursday night, ABC, 11:30pm. Recent acoustic footage.
  • hobbytim wrote on 25 Sep '06, 23:11 report
    wa HEY
  • kevin wrote on 25 Sep '06, 23:20 report
    Oh yeah.
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