The Coven presents Ulterior - 9pm Friday 11 January @ Amor

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    The first Coven event of the year promises to be a big one with our Ulterior event being held at a new venue - Amor!

    [b:2r4eray4]Where[/b:2r4eray4]: Amor, 217-219 Elizabeth St, Hobart (ex Lisbon)
    [b:2r4eray4]When[/b:2r4eray4]: Friday 11th January, 9pm onwards (yep, we’re starting early!)
    [b:2r4eray4]Cost[/b:2r4eray4]: $5 + ID (Cheap!)

    Coven DJs will be playing your favourite goth, dark alternative, and electro tunes in the decadent yet relaxed atmosphere of Amor. Come to catch up with your local friendly goths, for a dance, a drink, or just to check out Amor (or a combination of all of the above)!
    Faceboob event - [url:2r4eray4][/url:2r4eray4]

    After the successful first Ulterior event in August, we’ve decided to try a different venue that will fit our desired aesthetic yet be relaxed and comfortable. There is no regular Coven in January so it’s the perfect month for an Ulterior event! We’re starting early at 9pm so turn up early for a space in le beer garden!

    Amor has loads of goth atmosphere, comfy seats, dedicated dancefloor and dj booth, a great beer garden/smoking area, and an extensive bar with a large range of alcohol (including some decent absinthe)! It also has the added bonus of being away from the mainstream bars yet close to town and North Hobart.

    About Ulterior: Ulterior is for those Covenites and newbies who want to catch up with friends and drink and dance too. It does not replace the monthly Coven event but is meant to complement it. It is held a few times a year.

    See you there!
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