FS (L'Ton) Ampeg SVT610AV

  • ernie wrote on 18 Nov '12, 12:01 report
    I'm looking to sell my Ampeg SVT610AV cab.

    This cab is quite rare as far as I can tell. I don't believe they were ever available in Aus in anniversary guise. As you may know, Ampeg production is based in Vietnam now except for the Heritage series, which means you can no longer purchase a USA built 610.
    I personally prefer Ampeg's 610 over the 810 or the 410HLF. Used by the likes of Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Jack Lawrence (Greenhornes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather) and Chris Ross (Wolfmother).
    It's also easier to transport than an 810 and will fit across the back of an Aussie station wagon without the need to fold the seats down.

    Condition wise it's very good considering it has probably 5 years of consistent gigging on it. All original, no replaced drivers etc. Comes with and has always been kept in a padded Tuki cover. I will also include a Bass Hanger stand that hooks under the towel rail.

    I'd like $1200 OBO.

    Pics on the links below, let me know if they don't work.

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