[HOB] Funk/Soul band looking for vocalist!!!

  • garbageday wrote on 28 Oct '12, 12:01 report
    Hello the [u:1cihsrgk]INTERNET[/u:1cihsrgk] , I am part of the new funk/soul act "Slinky". we are looking for someone who can sing. we are all members of former funk/ska band bring sophy to me and are eager to play fun music! facebook.com/…
  • drayconas wrote on 29 Oct '12, 11:59 report
    First thing:
    Where are you from/located is worth putting in here
    Secondly - perhaps outlay your hopes/desired endeavours for the band, is it serious, or just "a bit of fun" etc
  • garbageday wrote on 29 Oct '12, 17:22 report
    Yea good point i should have said all of this.
    We are based in Hobart. We are interested in playing a mixture of jazz, soul, electronic and funk. We take it pretty serious (as serious as a band can take themself in Hobart).
  • fallon wrote on 16 Dec '12, 15:56 report
    What is your favourite Curtis Mayfield song?
  • super-maths wrote on 27 Dec '12, 19:41 report
    do you guys have a show bag i cann purchase?
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