DEAD + M010 + Starmarker. The Brisbane, Wed Oct 24, 2012

  • mattw wrote on 18 Oct '12, 10:02 report

    DEAD (Melb - duo)
    Machines Of Indeterminate Origin (Hobart - return after hiatus)
    Starmarker (Hobart/Adelaide - debut)

    DEAD play The Brisbane Hotel on Wednesday the 24th of October (SHOW DAY EVE!!) with M.O.1.O & New band on the Hobart scene STARMARKER
    Entry is $10
    Doors at 8pm

  • mattw wrote on 23 Oct '12, 16:44 report
    Tomorrow night!!!
  • mattw wrote on 24 Oct '12, 11:35 report
    And another BUMP!

    This is tonight...
    M010 haven't played live for a while, DEAD are coming over from Melbourne and Starmarker are debuting tonight at the Brisbane Hotel...and most of you can sleep in in the morning. Hope to see you there!

    Facebook event:
  • moth wrote on 26 Oct '12, 10:55 report
    Sorry that I was in Melbourne and couldn't be there, how'd it go?
  • mattw wrote on 26 Oct '12, 15:13 report
    Great sets from all involved. A miniscule turnout which was a shame.
  • thecat wrote on 27 Oct '12, 14:29 report
    I really wanted to be there. Didn't quite feel up to going out after work though, still sort of recovering from the bug that's going around.
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