[HOB] Synths 4 Sale (and furniture)

  • carl wrote on 12 Oct '12, 10:03 report
    E-mu XL-7 command station3k0rjtu8] - $350
    Early 2000s desktop synth / sequencer (kinda like MPC without sampling –unless you have e-mu sampler and flash cards- but different) with a shitload of knobs. You can do realtime sequencing/step sequencing/and XOX style sequencing (i think that's what you call it). Has 2 midi outs for sequencing external gear too & SPDIF out, as well as multiple audio outs and send/returns for using external fx. The patch change knob is a bit skippy if you turn it too quick, but otherwise it's in great condition - these don't come up too often on E-bay.

    Korg N1 + Novaforge case + heavy duty T stand +cables3k0rjtu8] - $650
    88 note weighted synth/controller – late ‘90s – has some really good performance features which a lot of boards don’t – eg. expression pedal input, after touch, midi start/stop. Good pianos/organs/electric pianos, classic korg pad sounds, and can do some pretty twisted digital synth stuff with it. Solid and padlock lockable Novaforge case.

    Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard & custom Novaforge Astrolight flight case + stand +sustain pedal +cables3k0rjtu8] - $1100
    this is the precious one! Killer filters; can load in samples from computer; it makes some awesome sounds and has a very playable keyboard. The board is 4 octaves and solild metal, but light - ideal for touring. I got a case custom made with this in mind - strong, light and lockable (with cable padlocks), with an extra compartment for cables/pedals - and the case alone cost $450. (Trust me - if you have a nice board, you don't want to trash it)

    Conn theater organ 3k0rjtu8] - $75, but you have to move it!!
    [21.10.2012 update: SOLD]

    Casio CTK-1000 3k0rjtu8]- $50
    You can record your own beats and patterns with this (eg. 'intro', 'chorus' 'verse'), and it has a built in 3 or 4 track recorder for your own songs (well - 3 or so of them anyway!!). Has speakers too - and some rather lo-fi digital fx (distorion/flanger/phaser/delay).

    Possibly another portable organ too... but I need to confirm with a fella that that hasn't been sold. [21.10.2012 update: SOLD]

    I have these all set up - so if you want to try them out, give me a message or call on 0407 840 440 or e-mail: carlhiggs (at) gmail.com
  • carl wrote on 12 Oct '12, 11:04 report
    I also have a midiman midi thru box (3 in, 8 out) - handy for routing lots of midi gear!! And a midi tap-tempo pedal - so if you're into these things, let me know :)
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