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  • maveric wrote on 8 Oct '12, 21:17 report
    I had a topic up here advertising this kit, which has since disappeared with no explanation.
    Its a 5-piece shell pack in near new condition. Series 8 Birch in Electric Black.
    14x6.5 snare drum
    12x9 rack tom
    14x12 floor tom
    16x14 floor tom
    22x20 kick drum

    Comes with tom mount and cymbal stand clamp. Has Evans EC2 heads on the toms(used but still sound huge), Aquarian Impact kick drum head(pretty new) and Remo Controlled sound on the snare(Used).

    Retail price is $1899, I'm selling mine for $1600. Local pick up or I will deliver at no additional cost.

    This looks amazing and sounds huge!

    PM for pics or more info or email
  • chent wrote on 10 Oct '12, 18:34 report
  • maveric wrote on 13 Oct '12, 22:15 report
    Oh yeah I should have mentioned that!

    Located in Launceston and I will deliver, withing reason.
  • chent wrote on 16 Oct '12, 17:09 report
    Location needs to go in the title :)
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