New release from My Favourite Illusion

  • phillusional wrote on 29 Sep '12, 10:42 report
    So since lots of people on here liked the music when I was looking for band members, here's my new album for my recording project My Favourite Illusion:

    I'm doing an album launch (solo) at the Poobah on Wednesday, details here:

    Should be doing gigs with the new band once we get a bit more practice time in... keep an eye out.


  • dumbcharger wrote on 29 Sep '12, 22:53 report
    Vocally it reminds me of Hoodoo Gurus in parts.
  • fallon wrote on 30 Sep '12, 20:20 report
    I didn't hate it.
  • phillusional wrote on 30 Sep '12, 23:39 report
    High praise indeed for this forum! Glad to have not completely offended you;)
  • drayconas wrote on 2 Oct '12, 12:28 report
    Sounds cool dude! Nice work.
    I'm getting my bottom snare skin today, wooooooo
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