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  • digi wrote on 9 Sep '12, 12:33 report

    The Coven - Friday 14th of September @ PlanB, 10pm+

    Are a goth or goth compatible hellspawn?
    Have you ever pondered your own existence whilst listening to some obscure goth music?
    Do you find lack of common ground a hinderance when attempting communications with Regular Peopleâ„¢?
    Do you enjoy going out, drinking and dancing but have an aversion to spray tan, meat markets and extreme vacuousness?
    Do you suffer from the same conversations over and over again when dealing with those of the less alternative persuasion?
    Questions like:
    - "Did that hurt?" (tattoos/piercings/hairdo/corset-tightening-skills)
    - "Do youse worship satan?"
    - "Why do you wear so much black?"
    - "Can you put my child down now please?"

    If you answered yes to any of these questions: Then do we have a socialisation and life quality enhancement plan for you!
    For only one easy payment of $10, we can put you into contact with other likeminded "societal outcasts". Here at The Covenâ„¢ Enterprises, we can put you into direct contact with other human beings who can actually converse on a wide variety of subjects outside of "the football" or "The Shire". We have a wide range of certified Goth, Metalhead, Rivethead, Cybergoth and Generally Weirdâ„¢ consultants that you can attempt conversation with.

    If you find communications with other blackwearers initially awkward, we even have a wide range of conversation starters for you to attempt first contact with. For example:
    "Which Zombie related band do you prefer and why? White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Zombie Girl or Zombie Ghost Train?"
    "Can Joy Division still be considered goth-compatible now that the hipsters have ruined it for everyone?"
    "At what point did Al Jourgenson from Ministry completely lose it? Musically and/or mentally?"
    "Which Andy La Plegua associated act is the best?"
    "Why is Green Fairy so awful?"

    We'll provide a backdrop of all the DARK ALTERNATIVE, GOTH, INDUSTRIAL, AGGROTECH, EBM, METAL and SYNTHPOP your face can stand, provided to you by our elite time of sonic disrupting shock troop DJs, whilst you douse yourself in liberal amounts of social lubricant via our signature GothShotsâ„¢ at the bar!

    So strap yourself into your favourite pvc battle armor, apply your warpaint with a trowel, boot up, and goth out!

    Entry includes a free drink card.

    [b:w895gvyz]Make sure to post your requests for the end of night request hour.[/b:w895gvyz]
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