Guitarist wanted (retro thrash, Hobart)

  • anh wrote on 19 Mar '12, 20:04 report

    I'm after a guitarist or two in the Hobart area for a retro thrash band, not looking for anything too serious but you must have decent gear and be willing to practice at least once a week. Experience playing with a drummer is also a must.

    Either reply here or call or text me on 0438 586 916.

  • fallon wrote on 20 Mar '12, 22:48 report
    I worship Razor!

    But I'm not a guitarist.
  • anh wrote on 21 Mar '12, 18:39 report
    You could probably learn guitar before I find someone else in Hobart!
  • crimsonidol wrote on 22 Mar '12, 14:00 report
    I'm wondering how come I've already heard about this... Have you got Bicket drumming or something? Someone I know said something about starting up a band with you anyway. Poach Myles from Taberah or Felix from Backlash or Sean from Randomorder.
  • anh wrote on 22 Mar '12, 20:38 report
    Nah, Bicket isn't drumming but I've asked him to be on the lookout for potentials for me! He had one dude in mind but I'm worried his style may be a bit too modern.

    Trying to poach someone isn't a bad idea, though I'm always worried about getting their second rate riffs and the good stuff going to the main band, haha. Will see how things go..
  • crimsonidol wrote on 26 Mar '12, 10:18 report
    Ah that must have been it. Come to Ampocalypse! Should be plenty of prospective band members in that crowd/performing.
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