[Laun]FS:Orange AD200B, Moog MF-101, EHX Bass Micro Synth

  • ernie wrote on 5 Mar '12, 20:05 report
    Taking a break from my regular gig so it's time to shuffle some things around.

    My beloved Orange Ad200B. Great condition, no tears or dings, missing the mid control knob which I am trying to source. 'Winged C' 6550's, Tung Sol 12ax7's, original Orange branded 12AT7 (EHX I believe). Comes with a custom TLC soft cover. Half the weight of an SVT, twice the tone, four times the cool, eight times the reliability! $1900

    Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass filter. The coolest looking boxes ever built. Great condition, super heavy duty velcro on the bottom, power supply Comes with the EP-2 expression pedal which has a thumb wheel to set the upper limit of the parameter, the control knob on the effect sets the lower limit, sweep in between. Can be used to control any parameter (Cutoff freq, resonance, mix, amount). $300

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth. Older big tin box re-issue version, made in the USA. Complete with manual, EHX power supply and cool wooden box. Cosmetically good, some very minor rust starting to appear where the sheet metal has been folded to form the enclosure. The 'click' has gone from the power switch (not foot switch), but functions fine. The folks on talkbass.com seem to think the older style is a little better to use and sounds a little better. $200

    Aguilar DB-900 Tube DI. Amazing tube DI, Jensen transformer, no longer made. Aus RRP was about $1k! Sounds brilliant recording bass or acoustic guitar etc. Good condition, a couple of scratches on one side, Tung Sol 12AX7. $450

    May also have a USA built Ampeg SVT-610AV available at a later date (SVT-610HLF with the sparkly anniversary cosmetics, only one in Aus I believe).

  • caroline cuntley wrote on 6 Mar '12, 11:17 report
    Arrrrgh! MUST.RESIST.URGE.
  • ernie wrote on 6 Mar '12, 12:01 report
    Don't even try Mr G!
  • ernie wrote on 6 Mar '12, 12:27 report
    You withdraw the cash at lunch & I'll drop it off this arvo. You on level 2 or 3?
  • caroline cuntley wrote on 6 Mar '12, 13:47 report
    Bahaha! Nice try Berin... Don't know how you know my weekday whereabouts but, hey, my reputation must precede me!

    I'm interested in the Mooger Fooger if you have no luck elsewhere. I'll keep it in mind.

    You should try the Oz Bass Forum ( ozbassforum.com/ ) if you're not already a member, which I tend to lurk on a bit. You need to be a supporting member in order to post classified items however.
  • ernie wrote on 7 Mar '12, 15:57 report
    I work for Auspost by day, delivered your Primus stuff a while back. Yeah, I do sneak around on ozbass sometimes. The moog is the thing I'm most likely to change my mind on. It's damn cool, but I'd like something a little more compact to save real estate.
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