• hatchet_harry wrote on 29 Jan '12, 10:28 report
    Selling my Toyota Corolla Hatch. 2003 model. Has done 240,000kms
    Rego until November 2012. Manual
    White car, Black tint windows and mags.
    Never had a problem with it. Drives perfect.


    Based on northwest coast.

    cheers - Damo
  • lisa wrote on 29 Jan '12, 13:08 report
    This is exactly what I'm after, but I don't see myself being able to bring my posse to the NW coast. Any chance you can or might be making a trip to Hobart with it?

    Please feel free to PM me any extra info such as anything to do with its history of ownership, history of services, tyre condition etc. I'm VERY interested and can pay cash.
  • hatchet_harry wrote on 29 Jan '12, 13:20 report
    Hi Lisa. Awesome news. Well im the only person who has owned the car.
    My brother is a mechanic and they service the car when needed.
    tyres are fine...
    I can possibly drive it down this week or weekend if you wanted to buy it and get somebody to follow me down?

    Its got a few dings in it here and there but overall its a nice car..
    If you have an email address i could send you a photo if you like?

    cheers - Damo
  • lisa wrote on 29 Jan '12, 13:40 report
    Thanks, Damo!

    contact-pod@hotmail.com Photos would be very appreciated.

    If you could bring it down I would love to test drive it and get my brother to have a look at it but I can't promise to buy it before you drive down. I'd want to give it a good look over and listen first.

    That said, if there are any faults that might dissuade me from buying, it would be good for us both if you could describe them before you make a trip down. What are the dings like?

    Do you have the full service history?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I'm quite excited! It's just the model I'd like to buy.
  • hatchet_harry wrote on 29 Jan '12, 14:07 report
    Sweet. Just sent you an Email.
  • hatchet_harry wrote on 29 Jan '12, 16:12 report
    STILL UP FOR SALE GUYS!! Lisa was after an automatic
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