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    (sic 61) GX Jupitter-Larsen & Winters In Osaka Giant Baba lock groove 7"
    61 lock groove collaboration between these two title belt holders, each piece a sonic snapshot of champion Japanese wrestler and All Japan Pro Wrestling co-founder Shohei 'Giant' Baba. Two editions, each of 61 copies: the first edition has colour sleeves while the second is monochromatic. Each copy comes with a page taken from a 1980 Japanese wrestling magazine. From the run of this 7", $400 will be donated to the Red Cross' efforts to assist those affected by Japan's 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. This means a lot to GX, Adam and I, and we appreciate your support.

    (sic 63) GM Electronics Manticore 3"CDR
    In the mid-'00s Jiri Balsinek unleashed a barrage of well-placed and well articulated releases, simultaneously chaotic yet craftily textured. In addition to the recent reissue of 'Trashwalker' on Existence Establishment comes this new 3"CDR, a recently unearthed effort recorded in 2004 and seeing the light of day eight years later. Manticora relies heavily in synth source sounds, and variously draws elements from sweeping PE devastation, needling cut-up work a la contemporary K2 and dashing, dark, harsh noise akin to MSBR. Full colour foldout art in a 'calendar case', limited to 100 copies.

    (sic 66) Fecalove Total Fucking Ignorance C-40
    The sordid story of Fecalove really precedes Total Fucking Ignorance, and so we add a particularly noisy, deep, filthy piece of squalor to the Fecalove discography. Heavy on thick distortion textures and a malign meanness which drips from each of the six tracks on offer. This is another releases in my run of specially packaged cassettes, Total Fucking Ignorance comes packaged Soja-Sauce Bolognese style in a crushed dog food can, with cover and insert art courtesy of Tisbor. Limited to 66 copies.

    I also have a further 10 copies of the Mania Aggrievous Abominations & Disorder C-30 available. Back when the original release came out, 10 of the blank tapes I ordered for the run were duds. I've finally replaced them, so can make these last copies available for those who may have missed out the first time around.

    Ordering information, sound samples and further information can al be found at the Cipher Productions website, along with previous releases and an extensive selection of distribution titles. Also have a peek at what's yet to come this year.

    For further inquiries including details of wholesale prices for distributors, please get in touch: chrisciphergmailcom

    Thank you for any and all interest.

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