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  • princedirt wrote on 17 Jun '09, 23:03 report
    There is an article on Lucas Abela in the latest issue of The Wire. It is written by Bruce Russell.
  • andrew wrote on 17 Jun '09, 23:07 report
    that's actually awesome.
  • lost octopus wrote on 18 Jun '09, 15:41 report
    Lilly Allen says Susan Boyle can't sing. I find that rich coming from the whiniest, most uninspired-sounding vocalist of the last 15 years.
  • dork wrote on 18 Jun '09, 16:21 report
    That's not entirely true..

    Lilly Allen is still a twerp though

  • princedirt wrote on 18 Jun '09, 17:43 report
    There is a second-hand copy of The Melvins early demos CD currently on sale at Tommy Gun records.
  • princedirt wrote on 19 Jun '09, 16:38 report
    Music Without Frontiers currently has a CD sale.
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 22 Jun '09, 11:28 report
    There is an article on Lucas Abela in the latest issue of The Wire. It is written by Bruce Russell.
    Check it out here. There are also free mp3s of Rice Corpse outtakes...
  • jdt wrote on 22 Jun '09, 19:21 report
    plan b magazine from the uk just put out their last edition. really recommend getting back issues still available from their website

    it was amazing resource for finding out about new music for my radio show. real shame they're closing down.

    digital editions from here
  • andrew wrote on 23 Jun '09, 11:10 report
    Richard Youngs put out a "pop" album - Beyond The Valley of the Ultrahits. in an edition of 100.

    Does this mean he's a mongrel?
  • princedirt wrote on 23 Jun '09, 22:02 report
    I should be able to answer that after I pick it up from the GPO tomorrow...
  • ben mason wrote on 24 Jun '09, 01:10 report
    I've been checking my mail quite eagerly for this one lately too.
    (edited: fair call Andrew)
  • andrew wrote on 24 Jun '09, 09:42 report
    well let's just make up our own minds shall we?

    gosh I am interested in this.

    Gossip: Simon Wickham Smith would LOVE to play in Tasmania one day.
  • princedirt wrote on 28 Jun '09, 22:07 report
    Blues Control got a new album on the way.
  • princedirt wrote on 29 Jun '09, 07:35 report
    Group Doueh's 2nd LP has already sold out.

  • andrew wrote on 29 Jun '09, 08:17 report
    That would be probably be 'sold out at source' and the album would be available from second tier places.
  • andrew wrote on 29 Jun '09, 08:20 report
    Arthur Doyle's Alabama Feeling has been re-issued on Vinyl by Rank Records.
  • princedirt wrote on 6 Jul '09, 22:24 report
    Richard Youngs put out a "pop" album - Beyond The Valley of the Ultrahits. in an edition of 100.

    Sold. I'm loving it.
  • jdt wrote on 6 Jul '09, 22:42 report
    tommygun has the dacios new album plus the mouth and stickmen re-issues.
  • ben mason wrote on 7 Jul '09, 17:50 report
    Far out! ANOTHER new Richard Youngs album..this time it's his “ecstatic House record”.
  • peregrin wrote on 7 Jul '09, 21:49 report
    JDT: which stickmen albums?
  • dellboy wrote on 7 Jul '09, 21:57 report
    The Stickmen, "Who Said It Should Be Good?"
  • andrew wrote on 9 Jul '09, 11:34 report
    There's a musical about Fela Kuti:
  • jimmyneutron wrote on 9 Jul '09, 19:20 report
    Muse Include a 3 part symphony on new album and announce tracklisting for 'The Resistance".

  • jdt wrote on 28 Jul '09, 20:56 report
    tommygun got a fuckload of classic albums on 180gsm vinyl today - my bloody valentine, buzzcocks etc.
  • mm_12xu wrote on 28 Jul '09, 21:11 report
    tommygun got a fuckload of classic albums on 180gsm vinyl today - my bloody valentine, buzzcocks etc.

    I've been meaning to pick-up the re-issued Isn't Anything for a while now... Loveless sounds slightly better since remastering, but I reckon the difference will be more noticeable with IA.
  • andrew wrote on 8 Aug '09, 19:49 report
    it would appear that, ten years after Teenage Snuff Film, that Rowland S Howard is to release a single:

    it could be a fine thing. I am at the very least, rather keen to hear it.

    there's a few hints on his myspace as well

    I'm betting an album may appear.
  • princedirt wrote on 9 Aug '09, 20:32 report
    Greg's doing a Clag re-issue. Just the other day I was pining for such a thing.
  • andrew wrote on 9 Aug '09, 21:04 report
    Greg's doing a Clag re-issue. Just the other day I was pining for such a thing.

    that took a second to sink in then i got rather pleased. Scum Manor.
  • jdt wrote on 12 Aug '09, 18:37 report
    buzzcocks at moorilla in november apparently.
  • andrew wrote on 12 Aug '09, 19:05 report
    i have also heard this rumour.
  • harto wrote on 13 Aug '09, 09:45 report
  • princedirt wrote on 13 Aug '09, 14:11 report

    Oh yeah, when?
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 13 Aug '09, 14:18 report
    Supporting the Buzzcocks...
  • blinkme wrote on 17 Aug '09, 18:14 report
    The Buzzcocks

    18 Nov Coolangatta Hotel QLD
    19 Nov The Zoo QLD
    20 Nov The Forum NSW
    21 Nov The Corner Hotel VIC
    22 Nov Moorilla Estate TAS
    24 Nov Amplifier Bar WA

    performing their two albums 'Another Music in a Different Kitchen' and 'Love Bites' in their entirety.
  • andrew wrote on 18 Aug '09, 10:26 report
    new album by Lightning Bolt
      “Earthly Delights”
         October 13th 2009 sees the release of the new album “Earthly Delights”. gatefold packed 3 sided LP, CD
       track listing:
         1. Sound Guardians
         2. Nation of Boar
         3. Colossus
         4. The Sublime Freak
         5. Flooded Chamber
         6. Funny Farm
         7. Rain on Lake i’m Swimming in
         8. S.O.S
         9. Transmissionary

    MP3 of Colossus HERE
  • harto wrote on 18 Aug '09, 10:40 report

    Oh yeah, when?
    I was merely indicating surprise, old Dirt
  • damo11 wrote on 19 Aug '09, 10:37 report
    I reckon I'd prob go to that Buzzcocks gig for the sake that I'll never get to see them again.
  • lemmings wrote on 23 Aug '09, 21:23 report
  • fallon wrote on 23 Aug '09, 21:27 report
    Once I put my tongue in a dog's bum.
  • lemmings wrote on 23 Aug '09, 22:24 report
  • princedirt wrote on 24 Aug '09, 07:32 report
    Dean Turner is dead.

    And he still owes me $100.

    Lung cancer, 37.
  • andrew wrote on 24 Aug '09, 08:54 report
    37? Fuck, no good. That's not much of an innings.
  • andrew wrote on 24 Aug '09, 08:58 report
    Lifted straight from ye olde VT catalogue, this excites me no end and somehow, I must have it:

    The A Band
    April 12th 1992
    Music Mundane No Cat

    Excellent new unearthing of a wild unreleased A Band home recording, straight to two-track in 1992, discovered in the archive of Neil Campbell. The A Band are, of course, the missing link between earlier free music groups in the UK and the kind of rock-informed improvised eternities of Youngs, Campbell, Bower et al. On Campbell’s own archival imprint with individually hand-painted sleeves: “Vintage 70+ minutes 15 piece A Band session, recorded straight to 2-track cassette in 1992. Performers include A-stalwarts like Sticky Foster, Stewart Walden, Neil Campbell, Jim Plaistow and Vince Earimal alongside some less familiar names. The session opens w/ a driving rock piece in tutti, then devolves into a series of solo, then duo, then trio, quartet, etc pieces, w/ performers and their respective instruments drawn out of a hat. Then to close, a 35 minute concert-style piece called "Just past not-too-boring" where performers started playing one at a time, entering the recording room a minute each apart (order was again decided by pulling names out of a hat), and then once everyone was in there, departing in the order they entered. During this last piece, Will Irvine was obviously bored by playing music, so decided he'd try to undress and grope as many people as possible, as a kind of disruptive element. Sounds like the beginnings of a comedy gay sex orgy on the tape, w/ Sticky commentating in his own inimitable style.” – Neil Campbell.

    Fucken quality. Who'd be up for doing musical experiments like this if we could find the space and time and be allowed to have the necessary intoxicants to make it all work properly?

    And who'd care what it sounded like. Just be fun to DO. I reckon I could get some kind of grant for something like this. What a fucken HOOT!
  • staple_in_my_eye wrote on 24 Aug '09, 22:38 report
    Jandek in Australia March 2010 :O
  • chaichaichai wrote on 25 Aug '09, 16:30 report
    Black Cobra at THe Brisbane 30 Sept
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 25 Aug '09, 16:43 report
    Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, in Hobart, mid-November...
  • staple_in_my_eye wrote on 25 Aug '09, 16:49 report
    that is very cool news.
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 25 Aug '09, 16:51 report
    Oh, and most probably Launceston.
  • will.gam wrote on 25 Aug '09, 22:42 report
    am i the only one who feels very strongly about the gayness of bands that charge money.

    i mean, going to irish for a drink and having to pay ten dollars at the door because there's a band there?

    even two dollars seems really wrong, to me.

    do they do it because they have to? or do they want to make money or what?

    and when musicians have their little ep launches and shit, and they're at their stalls charging like 5/10+ bucks a cd. it's pathetic. gayest thing since bread and butter.

    i'd have thought a fan base comes before the dollars. as it's the fan base that makes the dollars, not the otherway around. if you even want to get into that.

    i hate the smug indie "i charge a modest fee" neat little attitude. they should be crawling to give their stuff away. uber ego inflation. music's too glorified, these days.
    massive sell out. grinds my gears.
    cover bands are the ones who get the weekend pub shows, they dont give a shit about anything except the money they make.
    they fail. they are the sell outs. original bands don't get shows like that because new shit isn't what drunk sportos and ditzy blondes wanna hear. they wanna yell out the shit off the radio.

    of course a fan base would come before the dollars but bands cant usually make cds for free... or hire a venue for their little ep launches for free. fan bases are there to support the bands they like. thats why people buy cds, willingly pay door fees and buy their merch. so that the band can be closer to having their costs covered so that they can keep doing new & better things. well, im happy to do that anyway.
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 25 Aug '09, 22:58 report
    There's whole threads devoted to this discussion, just search for them.
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