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  • dork wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:27 report
    I does! as of today. Loves it.
  • halften wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:43 report
    yup. twitter is rather addictive. great places for putting random little thoughts. stephenfry would have to be my favourite person on it.
  • deep square leg wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:46 report
    I thought it was pretty useless in Australia because our SMS system is so different to the US and other countries? Or am I thinking of something else?
  • halften wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:49 report
    you can sms updates, and you can receive updates by sms, but you can also just do it via the internet.
  • lost octopus wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:50 report
    not birdwatching then?
  • dork wrote on 22 Dec '08, 16:56 report
    thanks for the stephenfry link. maybe you're thinking of something else dsl - it's basically a glorified status update page BUT it can be used for lots of cool things. We have twittered events and conferences at work, I have pollies and other dudes on my feed who post interesting links and thoughts then there's all sorts of inane crap from people I know (and care about) so it's just a nice thing to while away the time and often lead yuo on to other more interesting things.
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 26 Jan '09, 01:50 report
    i find this completely absorbing

  • dork wrote on 26 Jan '09, 09:34 report
    that's so cool hangs.
  • pixel wrote on 26 Jan '09, 10:23 report
    I joined. Because I need another internet procrastination tool.
    Uh huh.

    Nice background, dork!
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 26 Jan '09, 12:17 report
    it is so cool isn't it. like google zeitgeist but in realtime. mesmerising.

    i just logged in to twitter for the first time in a while, because i was notified that pixel had .. it's a vicious circle!
  • fallon wrote on 26 Jan '09, 12:38 report
    I searched for 'Satan' on twitscoop... here's my favourites.

    "My wallet was stolen at church once. Crazy the things Satan tries to throw at us on Sundays!"

    "i'll believe in science when they invent a drug that stops kids from worshiping satan."

    "o_O can they actually say 'Satan's rectum' on a cartoon?"

    "omg i HATE world of warcraft more than satan hates big, puffy happy white clouds."

    "Satan in Church looks like Ricardo montleban"
  • pixel wrote on 26 Jan '09, 19:08 report
    i find this completely absorbing

    currently "hottest 100" and "triple" are very big.
  • dork wrote on 28 Jan '09, 11:06 report
    I joined. Because I need another internet procrastination tool.
    Uh huh.

    Nice background, dork!

    yeah i totally nicked your picture - i may claim it as my own - i'm talented like that!
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 28 Jan '09, 13:27 report
    in joke thread.
  • dork wrote on 28 Jan '09, 13:38 report
    no joke, dude.
  • harto wrote on 28 Jan '09, 14:11 report
    I joined, but it doesn't feel quite right. I might un-join
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 28 Jan '09, 18:23 report
    i am not sold, I will admit. checking in to see what happens. codinghorror is a good read.
  • dork wrote on 28 Jan '09, 19:31 report
    it's thrown up some interesting reads for me throughout the day and i've made a few good contacts as well.
  • six pack annie wrote on 28 Jan '09, 20:42 report
    Yeah well its shit, dont want to wreck all the fun for the hipstars but yeah, its......kinda like... well.... here but not as open(?)
    But yeah........Let this one die i reckon.
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 28 Jan '09, 22:57 report
    SPA has a twitter account?
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 28 Jan '09, 23:04 report
    elmo keep is on rockwhiz, recording tomorrow, i did find out today. among other things. i think it is the site i don;t like so much as the service, have'nt hooked it up through fb or any other aggregator as yet.
  • dork wrote on 29 Jan '09, 11:08 report
    my work was named one of Australia's top ten twitterer's in the Age today.

    well i'm hooked regardless of how shit other people think it is. it's a good work site, little tid bits are good when you're in a busy office.
  • pixel wrote on 29 Jan '09, 11:47 report
    I don't think it really works for me at this stage cos I don't "follow" enough people.
  • dork wrote on 29 Jan '09, 11:49 report
    check out people's friends list and see if there's anyone of interest you might like to follow. generally people will find you after a while and you will find them. it takes a while before it becomes worthwhile, for sure.
  • dork wrote on 29 Jan '09, 11:49 report
    follow stephen fry. he says "OMG" a lot.
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 8 Feb '09, 22:52 report
    the dalai lama started today @OHHDL
  • harto wrote on 9 Feb '09, 11:56 report
    this guy just started following me twitter.com/… (?)
  • dork wrote on 9 Feb '09, 13:05 report
    never has the term "party animal" seemed more appropriate for a photo caption.
  • harto wrote on 12 Feb '09, 12:55 report
    OK that weirdo just dropped off my radar - probably coz I didn't "follow" him in return. no way was I getting involved in that weirdo's cult business pseudo-marketing shtick
  • the_new_imorality wrote on 4 Mar '09, 00:14 report
    I am now /angemaryclaire

    i have the most insta-gay background ever
  • vermin wrote on 7 Mar '09, 20:04 report
  • kidkorea wrote on 9 Mar '09, 00:20 report
    I just twat earlier on.
  • spirit lust wrote on 9 Mar '09, 13:23 report
    I can't get my phone to cooperate with it.
  • spirit lust wrote on 10 Mar '09, 17:01 report
  • dork wrote on 18 Mar '09, 16:40 report
    Fake Stephen Conroy outed and closed down

    crikey.com.au/… ... onroy.html
  • blinkme wrote on 18 Mar '09, 23:18 report
    got one the other day

  • fallon wrote on 25 Mar '09, 22:51 report
    I am

    here we go...



  • vermin wrote on 25 Mar '09, 23:32 report
    I'm still not on this bandwagon.

    Maybe when I get a better phone next month. Maybe. I just don't see the point. It just smacks of bigdickery to me. Oh look what a wonderful life I have. Follow me around!

    Mind you I resisted Facebook for ages too, however I did eventually give in to that and do admit it is quite useful.
  • captain funk wrote on 25 Mar '09, 23:38 report

  • chent wrote on 26 Mar '09, 11:01 report
    I deleted my Twitter account. I just did not see the usefulness when Facebook is almost Twitterbook now anyways.
  • samalligators wrote on 27 Mar '09, 12:33 report
    youtube.com/… ... e=featured

    Twouble with Twitter.
  • dork wrote on 27 Mar '09, 14:45 report
    yeah that's been doing the rounds. i dunno - i do understand why people find it useless but i've discovered lots of new things just by doing a little float around. and it was hardly created to revolutionise society as we know it.

    that cartoon is funny up until he plays the old "get off the internet and into the real world and get some real friends" card. I thought that was kinda lame.
  • harto wrote on 27 Mar '09, 15:12 report
    there's this unusual sensation of "connectedness" that I felt when I joined. I was very sceptical of twitter at first (had similar thoughts to others - you know, who gives a fuck if you are having a cup of coffee, or whatever) - but I've found it to be kind of nice to have on in the background - updates gently streaming in, you can take a look and see what's what, or share a thought or two - and yeah, there's this weird feeling I got - of connectedness, or something - that I find hard to describe, but which is why I've stuck with it.
  • dork wrote on 27 Mar '09, 15:18 report
    i actually find it a bit more useful than facebook. mainly because i can use facebooks to keep in touch with people and events but twitter to see what people i actually give two shits about are up to. i also get entertainment from people like the face stephen conroy. I can get little snippets from organisations i'm interested in without having to ring them or join their mailing list or check their website. i can get all sorts of links to all sorts of articles and photos and stats from people that i know or am interested in following and hence have read about things that i never would have looked at before.

    It's good for fairly passive people like myself who rarely have the energy to surf the web just to find random shit. I like it to be shown to me.

    I understand facebook has the status updates thing but for some reason they haven't evolved in quite the way twitter updates have.
  • spirit lust wrote on 28 Mar '09, 17:13 report
    i actually find it a bit more useful than facebook. mainly because i can use facebooks to keep in touch with people and events but twitter to see what people i actually give two shits about are up to.

    I agree.

    One thing that annoys me a bit is the #Hashtag frenzy going on.

    Recent example: "Lots of sirens going off in #Leichhardt. Not sure why, though."

    Now, I understand it's handy for searching buzzwords (like #FollowFriday, which I think is pretty neat). I understand it's handy for microblogging news updates (people in Leichhardt who are wondering about the sirens can search that hashtag for recent tweets).

    It just seems so sucky though. Why bother?

    Maybe I'm just taking it all too #seriously. LET'S GO!!!
  • digi wrote on 28 Mar '09, 17:29 report
    I don't like it. All it takes is a dick like me to post 10 or so pointless updates and your searching to find the stuff you're interested in.

    I'm getting less and less interested in all these social networking sites, but if you're not on them in this day and age you're somewhat isolated.

    Facebook pissed me off because they sent me two warnings to which I couldn't easily either appeal or respond to. When I did find a way of letting them know how I think they're idiots they didn't respond.

    Google has a new one, orkut.com/… it's the same shit over again.

    MySpace has good intentions in relation to music, but visually and practically it's atrocious.
  • spirit lust wrote on 28 Mar '09, 17:42 report
    Yeah. I still find social networks interesting, maybe I'm less jaded than you.

    But I think with sites like search.twitter.com/ the whole Hashtag thing is a bit redundant, tryhard and #annoying #to #read.

    EDIT: I've just researched more into Hashtags.

    If you follow the user @hashtags, every #hashtag you post will be added to the hashtags.org list of topics.

    So there you go. I guess just I don't care much.

    I'm getting less and less interested in all these social networking sites, but if you're not on them in this day and age you're somewhat isolated.


    And MySpace is still really good for music; I'll hit on a band's MySpace before their website, because it's a universal format that I know how to negotiate (lazy journalist card?).

    Speaking of music, I searched "Hobart music" on Twitter: search.twitter.com/…
  • dork wrote on 28 Mar '09, 18:56 report
    Digi: There are applications that can help you easier keep up with twitter by dividing people into categories. simple

    spiritlust: I avoide hashtags unless they are useful - haven't found a useful one yet therefore i'm just not ruling them out. People, such as Stephen Fry and Peter Serafenowicz have used them for comps which I think is useful.

    MYspace is still totally relevent but they keep trying to be facebook rather than focusing on what they are good at and fixing their design. fuck the design is terrible
  • hangsfromrafters wrote on 28 Mar '09, 22:11 report
    only hashtag i have used is #nocleanfeed
  • corellaco wrote on 3 Apr '09, 18:20 report
    Just got into it myself. Not sure what my thoughts are yet...
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