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  • jdt wrote on 10 Mar '08, 19:50 report
    some rough mixes of the album we're working on with anthony rochester:

    playing this thursday with baseball & moe grizzly at the brisbane hotel. other shows on the way....
  • dan cross v.3 wrote on 10 Mar '08, 20:17 report
    had a listen sounds good...
  • psywise wrote on 10 Mar '08, 20:48 report
    Liked it all a lot cept for the drum programming which irked. Keep it synthesised imho but that side of things needs some more work.

    and have you tried your voices in duet? I can imagine that working.
  • psywise wrote on 10 Mar '08, 20:49 report
    *double post*

    geez teh dawrf is acting up tonight :/
  • staple_in_my_eye wrote on 10 Mar '08, 20:58 report
    no need to rub it
  • jdt wrote on 21 Jun '08, 18:50 report
    did some work on the album today, worked on a whole new song, pete did the lyrics as anthony and i pieced together the music, the boy's a genius!
    so only a bit of vocals and melodica to get through when pete gets back from his melbourne shows in two weeks.
  • battle shark wrote on 21 Jun '08, 19:58 report
    "It's stuck in my head -- it's a HIT"
  • andrew wrote on 21 Jun '08, 21:30 report
    hey, Sam from Batrider loves you guys!

    just some gossip from London. go tour...
  • jdt wrote on 22 Jun '08, 10:34 report
    the live version of water down that we did with live percussion at the republic recorded by james tulczyn is on our myspace (see top of thread), chopstick action!
  • jtulczyn wrote on 22 Jun '08, 14:58 report
    chop ching bling
  • andrew wrote on 24 Jun '08, 18:35 report
    live percussion?

    Royal Trux did a thing where a dude rubbed an electric shaver along the bottom of a huge pot.

    a gift from me to you.
  • jdt wrote on 24 Jun '08, 19:17 report
    we handed out chopsticks to the audience to play along on their glasses and jordy, anthony and a random member of the audience played drums, tambo and cowbell as well.
  • battle shark wrote on 24 Jun '08, 22:47 report
    a random member of the audience

    Just trying to get her that "first ever drummer for the Fall"-style mythical status.
  • andrew wrote on 24 Jun '08, 23:47 report
    i'll go with the cooking pot but hey, it's your deal dudes
  • jdt wrote on 26 Jul '08, 20:45 report
    we finished recording the melodica and percussion parts (rubber mallet on shovel and chopstick on shovel) so anthony has started mixing it. looks like the album will have 9 songs.

    we're playing sunday the 3rd of august at the alley cat, hopefully debuting some new material.
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 30 Jul '08, 14:34 report
    I heard the new CD and I liked it, looking forward to owning one and seeing it live.
  • jdt wrote on 19 Sep '08, 12:08 report
    new songs!

  • ben mason wrote on 19 Sep '08, 13:54 report
    they sound good!
  • superphlegm wrote on 19 Sep '08, 15:58 report
    What's the name of the last song you guys played at the Loft last week?

    That was really good.
  • battle shark wrote on 19 Sep '08, 16:16 report
    That would be The Image of Annie & Ivan, which (unlike the ones in the videos) will be on the (nearly all done) album.
  • fallon wrote on 19 Sep '08, 17:52 report
    Wild, man! Real wild!
  • jdt wrote on 27 Sep '08, 11:52 report
    sent the album to get mastered yesterday.
  • battle shark wrote on 27 Sep '08, 12:58 report
    Upcoming gigs -- not support slots, but "a heartbeat away from the presidency" slots:

    Friday, 10 October, with Ohana, Ivy St., Paint Your Golden Face

    Friday, 17 October, with All Fires the Fire, Enola Fall, someone else I think (remind me?)

    Friday, 19 December, with Pikelet, Paint Your Golden Face, Anthony Rochester, something else as-yet unnamed I believe
  • lisa wrote on 27 Sep '08, 13:01 report
    how exciting!
  • carl wrote on 27 Sep '08, 14:49 report
    The 17 October NC gig is w/ All Fires (our album launch), Elvis Christ and Joe Nuttal playing solo I believe... i'll post up a proper thing in a wee bit once I check with others that i remember rightly....

    Oh and I just put the song names you sent on those NC vids:

    Lemon Juice
  • jdt wrote on 30 Sep '08, 21:32 report
    track listing for "always on":
    water down
    be your healer
    once and never again
    no demons
    game of numbers
    shovel on shovel
    the image of annie & ivan
    survival house
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 1 Oct '08, 12:36 report
    I'm excited.
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 1 Oct '08, 14:55 report
    when do you think it will be out?
  • kick_my_fish wrote on 1 Oct '08, 15:17 report
    i like the native cats...
  • cc03 wrote on 2 Oct '08, 01:27 report
    so yours is always on eh? ours just flickers on. you win?
  • fallon wrote on 2 Oct '08, 01:39 report
    This is a band that makes me rather excited.
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 2 Oct '08, 09:32 report
    Why don't you give them a nickname then eh?
  • lisa wrote on 2 Oct '08, 09:59 report
    Every time I read 'Native Cats' I get Be Your Healer stuck in my head
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 2 Oct '08, 10:28 report
    I get the image of Annie and Ivan stuck in mine. Particularly that bit "a wooooooorrlld".
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 2 Oct '08, 15:18 report
    Why don't you give them a nickname then eh?
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 2 Oct '08, 18:16 report
    The pig cats? That's terrible.
  • jdt wrote on 24 Oct '08, 19:26 report
    just got the mastered version of the album, now if hobart city council would leave their lights on we could finish the artwork.
  • battle shark wrote on 26 Oct '08, 13:48 report
    I've just played through the entire mastered version of Always On on Audiosurf; you are, naturally, invited to try and beat me when you get the album yourself. Competition!
  • jdt wrote on 27 Oct '08, 20:04 report
    three songs from the album now on the myspace

    mel will be playing tracks on tasmusic on edge radio tomorrow night.
  • red sarah wrote on 27 Oct '08, 20:09 report
  • andrew wrote on 27 Oct '08, 21:53 report


  • shitkicks wrote on 27 Oct '08, 22:03 report
    man, in the image of annie and ivan is so great.
  • staple_in_my_eye wrote on 27 Oct '08, 22:04 report
    N. Cunts
  • j_mccarthy wrote on 27 Oct '08, 22:32 report
    yeah the new tracks sound great.
  • jdt wrote on 4 Nov '08, 20:12 report
    mel is playing more songs from the album tonight on edge radio.
  • jdt wrote on 9 Dec '08, 19:45 report
    i'm getting interviewed on tasmusica on edge radio tonight talking about t'cats and other stuff coming out next year, hear songs for the first time EVER tonight on the radio.
  • jdt wrote on 9 Dec '08, 23:11 report
    i think i just gave my best/most rambling interview ever and i don't think anybody heard it.
  • jdt wrote on 18 Jan '09, 15:26 report
    just did some promo shots with sean fennessey and the cover image is done, just have to plot out the stuff with the cover designer and contact the manufacturing people.

    feel bad about it taking so long but i was caught up finshing my tafe diploma at the end of last year and releases can get a little lost if put out over the xmas/ny period.
  • jdt wrote on 20 Jan '09, 20:47 report

    Picture by Sean Fennessy January '09.
  • dr_funkenstein wrote on 20 Jan '09, 21:21 report
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