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  • oball wrote on 16 Oct '03, 14:50 report
    ok, many of you have asked for a thread in which the moderators say what they have moderated, and why. here it is.

    15:45, 16/10/03

    "Kenny p and the vomits" thread removed from forum "General Discussion" at the request of the author.
  • prozactrooper wrote on 16 Oct '03, 15:18 report
    should you list names? makes people face up to their actions to much.
  • sleepycat wrote on 16 Oct '03, 16:23 report
    Is this the same KPATV thread that was running for ages? I don't think I ever read it much, but if so, should a thread be removed just because the author of the first post requests it? A person can remove their own posts from a thread by editing them to blank and leaving a note saying they've done it, or by deleting them if they were the last post made.
  • forum joe wrote on 16 Oct '03, 16:28 report
    I'm with sleepycat on this.

    We don't just want to know what you moderate, we want to know why you moderate, and I don't think "at the request of the author" is a good enough reason. There were probably a lot of people who had posted their opinion in that thread that you have effectively censored.
  • sekt wrote on 16 Oct '03, 16:48 report
    Fucking hell. People should just PM Matt if they find a post/picture they really dont like. Kill the moderators and let the Dwarf go back to normal.
  • enzyme wrote on 16 Oct '03, 16:49 report
    Fucking hell. People should just PM Matt if they find a post/picture they really dont like. Kill the moderators and let the Dwarf go back to normal.

  • princedirt wrote on 16 Oct '03, 17:31 report
    But, I don't agree with that because offensiveness is not objective in this case. If I quoted Nietzsche and wrote "God Is Dead" in a philosophy thread, would a christian have the right to have it moderated? They shouldn't, being offended shouldn't give someone the power to censor someone else.

    Moderation has to be an objective decision, where the moderator has said, "I don't think that should be there" and moderated accordingly. So long as this process is transperent, then all problems with the moderation can be dealt with in time.

    Also, this thread, which I requested, shouldn't be able to be posted on by anyone else except the moderators. Just to keep it on track.
  • sleepycat wrote on 16 Oct '03, 18:09 report
    But, I don't agree with that because offensiveness is not objective in this case. If I quoted Nietzsche and wrote "God Is Dead" in a philosophy thread, would a christian have the right to have it moderated? They shouldn't, being offended shouldn't give someone the power to censor someone else.

    Indeed. I am forever dismayed by how many Christians genuinely fail to realise that their beliefs can offend people every bit as much as the anti-Christian beliefs that they are offended by.

      Also, this thread, which I requested, shouldn't be able to be posted on by anyone else except the moderators. Just to keep it on track.

    But then we'd have to create another thread if we wanted to argue about something. Still, probably not a bad idea.
  • dan cross wrote on 16 Oct '03, 21:01 report
    geez moderators, you are fanny farting about this topic

    simply state some proper rules, email 'em to subscribers

    at least have some...

    don't be just deleting posts depending on your mood

    also the problem with deleting posts by request, is that it may only offend one person...if there are guidelines this won't be necessary
  • enzyme wrote on 16 Oct '03, 22:47 report
    You could start by getting rid of spam like this.

  • benjamin wrote on 17 Oct '03, 02:42 report
    But really... who cares?
  • random poster wrote on 17 Oct '03, 06:21 report
    Fucking hell. People should just PM Matt if they find a post/picture they really dont like. Kill the moderators and let the Dwarf go back to normal.

    here, here!
  • jezzaboogie wrote on 17 Oct '03, 06:34 report
    I won't to know who moderated my comment in Origorama-2 to say that "Lift is a cool guy".

    That really sucked.
  • flip wrote on 17 Oct '03, 08:31 report
    I think you should keep it fairly simple. Just moderate all the sick pictures that get posted and delete posts and/or threads that are obvious personal attacks and comments that may have legal ramifications.
    There is a big difference between moderating and censorship.
  • eggy666 wrote on 17 Oct '03, 10:29 report
    Now look what you have gone and done, now Kenny P will think people like him
  • dextrometh orphan wrote on 17 Oct '03, 14:03 report
    whenever someone says something in real life that i don't like, i just get my mummy to delete their comment from everyone's brains.
  • eggy666 wrote on 17 Oct '03, 18:51 report
    Who likes Keeny P anyway, when I was at L.C all his friends were giving me evils
  • oball wrote on 19 Oct '03, 14:45 report
    the kenny p thread did have allegations about criminal activity, which is a bit dodgy.

    Also, this thread, which I requested, shouldn't be able to be posted on by anyone else except the moderators. Just to keep it on track.


    *thread locked*
  • lift wrote on 19 Oct '03, 16:25 report
    I dont have time now, but ill post some moderating 'rules' tomorrow (monday).
  • oball wrote on 24 Oct '03, 11:12 report
    stupid thread in "what's going on" deleted.

    keep "what's going on" for legit annoucements. if you have to post stupid stuff, do it in "general discussion".
  • sleepycat wrote on 25 Nov '03, 16:32 report
    I've already had two complaints about the usual problem of oversize avs and images messing up the page margins on the right hand side, meaning that the reader needs to scroll left and right to read posts.

    If you have a wide avatar, please check to make sure it's not causing this problem. If you're considering posting a wide image, check that it's OK first, or check after you've posted it - these really do make it difficult to read threads and may get removed without warning.
  • sleepycat wrote on 25 Nov '03, 17:00 report
    Moved thread "hey I'm new be nice to me" to Classifieds. Best to put bandmate/flatmate wanted stuff there rather than in General Discussion for your own thread's safety, especially if you're new.

    Deleted all Mechanism-related material on same thread. There is a Local Stuff folder already, so if you want to bitch about Mechanism please go there and start a new thread or use an existing one instead of hijacking other people's threads.
  • sleepycat wrote on 26 Nov '03, 14:28 report
    Thread "fuck 2day" - deleted about 30 posts and locked thread due to constant use of unprovoked sexual insults and personal claims against hollyhopfoot. I've noticed that some posters (mainly guys) are doing this a lot towards some of the female posters. It's sexual harassment, it's illegal, stop it.
  • sleepycat wrote on 30 Nov '03, 23:38 report
    Thread "art is politics". Deleted several academic papers posted, primarily for reasons of:

    * copyright
    * reproduction of material marked as drafts not to be cited without permission

    Retained poster's original links to those papers.

    Please do not reproduce really long essays in full without the express permission of the author. You can quote selectively from them without permission, just not the whole thing. If you wish to reproduce one in full please provide evidence that author has approved its use (eg forward email of permission to moderators).

    Or better still just post a link and a summary because there is really no reason for posting dozens of pages of stuff that anyone interested in can just click on.
  • sleepycat wrote on 13 Dec '03, 02:41 report
    Thread "shane farmer: guilty" deleted.

    Very sorry to do this, but there are a few legal dodgies here. Firstly some of the comments being made were a bit misleading or unproven, and even crims can (unfortunately) sue for defo. Farmer was not found guilty of, or charged with, direct rape. He was found guilty of aiding and abetting a rape committed by someone else (basically urging Craig Peter Randall on), and not guilty of stupefication. The guilty verdict will be appealed, so any speculation will probably become sub judice soon anyway.

    On the thread Dane stressed the importance and value of going to the police and/or a lawyer if you have been raped, know someone who has, think you may have been, etc. I agree with that and think it's very important.

    Some links to full accounts of the verdict for those interested:

    Both are a little bit confusing - they say he was guilty of rape but then explain that it was specifically through aiding and abetting.
  • sleepycat wrote on 20 Dec '03, 02:30 report
    Sorry folks, Shane Farmer thread again. Edited out a few comments.

    It's fine to post accurate reports of court findings like the judge's ruling.

    It's fine to discuss your view of the sentence - try not to defame the judge.

    It's fine to discuss your disgust at the culprits.

    It is not fine to accuse people of other offences they haven't been convicted of unless you have very strong evidence that would definitely stand up in a court of law. If you do have such strong evidence the place to take it isn't here.
  • sleepycat wrote on 21 Dec '03, 19:40 report
    Thread: dwarf's 5 most boring.

    Deleted two posts containing unspecified personal attacks, edited another and later quotes of it. I wasn't going to, but it got worse.

    Reason: if you make nudge-nudge wink-wink hints at something about someone but don't say what it is you're attacking them for, people may and will think it is anything (probably something sexual and personal for starters). Also to say you know something and ask if others would like to know it is very close to blackmail.

    If it isn't appropriate to spell it out, don't go there at all. I will be locking or deleting threads if this crap continues.

    Also deleted a few posts off "Mindless Conformist" for the same reason and one off "ok, I can't believe I am asking this but ..." that may have been a personal sexual attack. Some of the stuff I'm zapping's probably harmless but I think almost everyone is sick of all this boring personal crap between the same suspects - please take it offline.
  • sleepycat wrote on 21 Dec '03, 21:28 report
    Further to above: "dwarf's 5 most boring" locked and last half-dozen or so posts deleted due to a range of unpleasant private personal crap. Offering to supply personal secrets about someone to anyone who PMs you is not acceptable either. If it's not something you could post right out, just shut up about it.

    "anything and I'll answer it" - thread deleted, more sensitive personal stuff from off the forum being dragged by various posters, couldn't find anything of any actual merit on the whole thread amid the abuse so nuked the lot.

    Personal baiting between the following posters concerning sensitive personal matters is strongly requested to stop: The Snide Accomplice, Extra Dark Grey, Hillary Douche, eggy 666, anyone else involved in whatever on earth this crap was all about.
  • sleepycat wrote on 22 Dec '03, 15:00 report
    And more of the same - Hilary Douche thread, most posts deleted and thread locked. This will continue happening to exchanges between the posters mentioned above until they all stop dragging heavy personal stuff about each other online. What's the problem, has Launceston run out of toilet walls or something?

    PS Also locked Mindless Conformist, nothing that bad on that thread itself but it's time for these people to break it up and move on.

    PPS (Tuesday) - deleted "Eggy and Hilary", more of the same.
  • sleepycat wrote on 30 Dec '03, 04:01 report
    Yawnity yawnity yawn, Lord of the Rings thread, more posts zapped, same people, same problem.
  • sleepycat wrote on 2 Jan '04, 18:03 report
    Nothing exciting today, just moved a bunch of threads that appeared to be in the wrong folder. Mostly from Local Stuff and What's Going On to General Discussion. Remember that Local Stuff should be used for discussion of things relevant to Tasmania and the local scene. What's Going On should be for adverts of upcoming events, though feel free to add comments about the event to the same thread after it's over. Ta.
  • sleepycat wrote on 3 Jan '04, 01:19 report
    Deleted toilet pic off ThreadStoppers. Reason: grossness, not work safe. A toilet without any contents would have made the point just fine.

    There have been a fair few slightly off, risque or gross pictures in the last few weeks, as happens sometimes. Please be aware that some people view this forum at work and it is in our interests to ensure that they are able to do so. Please post work-safe pictures only.
  • sleepycat wrote on 12 Jan '04, 20:24 report
    Thread: someone tried to pick a fight with me.

    Deleted: violence threat. Ironic, huh?

    No idea if it was serious.
  • sleepycat wrote on 14 Jan '04, 23:35 report
    Thread "hmmmmmm" deleted for defamation and stupidity.
  • sleepycat wrote on 17 Jan '04, 22:46 report
    Not naming the thread because it makes it too easy to work out who said what about who, but deleted one poster calling another a paedophile, and the other responding (response was entirely appropriate but no longer made sense without the deleted post). Probably all a joke but a dumb one anyway so no great loss if so.
  • sleepycat wrote on 18 Jan '04, 19:08 report
    Hilary's say on Greenies - unnecessary thread deleted at author's request, for original post go to Woodchipping ...thread.
  • sleepycat wrote on 20 Jan '04, 21:57 report
    Going away for 3 days Wednesday-Friday so if anyone PMs me about moderation stuff I won't see it until Friday evening (at the earliest). Urgent moderation complaints to Matt, unless some new moderators are added in the meantime (as may happen). Please go easy on him as he may be quite busy getting the changes to the forums made properly.

    I have started pruning the odd phrase out of "Army Man's World of Hate" because the Martin-Andrew flamewar is getting into personal off-forum accusations that are rather dodgy. If it gets any worse the thread will be locked.
  • sleepycat wrote on 25 Jan '04, 19:57 report
    Thread: New rules for forum members.

    Deleted: Two very oversize image files. (one also deleted from Music Critic thread but has been left on a thread on Blag Forum for the time being.)

    Culprit: Mr Finnigan.
  • sleepycat wrote on 30 Jan '04, 23:27 report
    Not naming thread or parties involved but wishing other posters dead, even under serious provocation or while obviously drunk, will generally get deleted. Violence threats ditto.

    PS (Sunday 8th), Invasion Day thread, same issue.
  • sleepycat wrote on 31 Jan '04, 21:18 report
    Thread: Favourite video clips.
    Deleted: Kiddie rape jokes.
  • sleepycat wrote on 4 Feb '04, 23:39 report
    Thread: Drunk and horny (or something like that)
    Deleted: personal sexual abuse
  • sleepycat wrote on 6 Feb '04, 01:07 report
    Thread: Does eggy like eggs?

    Deleted: Mindless personal, homophobic and sexual abuse by various posters and posts quoting the same.

    Two posters (both with small post counts) warned by PM and can expect to be banned if it continues.
  • sleepycat wrote on 8 Feb '04, 19:01 report
    Thread: Michael Jacksons Breasts

    Thread deleted.

    Not work safe.
  • sleepycat wrote on 17 Feb '04, 16:18 report
    Deleted a few Hilary Douche posts that had an unacceptable .sig by mistake before remembering that .sig changes are retrospective.

    All fresh Hilary posts will be deleted until the unacceptable .sig is removed. I have PM'ed Hilary informing him that the use of .sigs to wish other posters dead is in my view unacceptable, and if anything resembling it occurs again I will be recommending him to Matt for a permanent ban.

    Also deleted Hilary's "The Dwarfer you'd most like to see ..." thread for the same reasons.
  • sleepycat wrote on 18 Feb '04, 02:32 report
    Elvis Christ thread.

    Deleted oversize and irrelevant image posted by some old wanker from the southern Tassie bible belt.
  • sleepycat wrote on 19 Feb '04, 15:35 report
    Guitarist Wanted threads deleted from all forums except Classifieds. Multi-forum posting of ads is not permitted. Bandmate ads go in Classifieds only please.
  • sleepycat wrote on 21 Feb '04, 23:04 report
    Hilary's "The Things We Say ..." thread deleted off Blag Forum for quoting PMs containing sensitive references to schoolyard crap that was the cause of lots of previous problems and thread closures.

    I've been thinking about this for a while now, and although there have been no objections in previous cases, I think it's best to ban the reposting of private messages. It's true that there's nothing in the law to say you can't repost them, but most people who post them would think they're called private messages for a reason.

    Of course you can repost one if the author agrees.
  • sleepycat wrote on 23 Feb '04, 16:01 report
    Hiring PAs in Industry section. Several posts of inane chatter deleted. Industry section is meant to be constructive and useful, there will be a low tolerance for material more suited to blag forum or ICQ in this section.
  • sleepycat wrote on 24 Feb '04, 14:37 report
    Mr Finnigan post from Agents/Managers thread in Industry section deleted for threadjacking, irrelevance, gimmickry, the works.

    The silly old codger has been sent a "cease and desist" about posting this sort of stuff in the Industry section.
  • sleepycat wrote on 28 Feb '04, 00:30 report
    Acoustic Festival thread deleted at initiator's request due to confidentiality issues.
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