Offcutts - Stand Back

The Offcutts new single ‘Stand Back' is the first time the band has brought out a single in preparation for an album. The band has produced many highly acclaimed singles but have never gone so far as to record an album.


The band first name a name for themselves by touring with Eskimo Jo, several singles followed and the band has been making waves ever since. The band has done all the necessary gigs in order to start climbing the charts, Triple J, MTV Live, Channel V Bus and of course a MAX Session.


The single has only one track, Stand Back and it is certainly a new Offcutts sound, a cleaner, more precise sound, but the biggest difference you will hear is SPACE. The band has found the space for space and has allowed their sound to develop into a much more mature sound. I certainly liked the track, a great track when you feel the need for some rock, but don't need your head slammed in the door, much like the first Jet album was.


Checking out the bands MySpace I was able to make the link between some of the bands major influence, The Pixies and The Rapture, but surprised to see the likes of Daft Punk thrown in.


Stand Back is a great teaser of The Offcutts debut album, ‘What Happened Don't Lie', Due to release in February 2007. Certainly a band to watch in the future although I think the single is released a little early. Releasing singles may have worked for them in the past, but its not a good strategy if you are releasing an album, so if you remember them, buy the album.

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