Tremonti - All I Was

Tremonti - All I Was

Complain all you like, but if you know of rock guitarist phenomenon Mark Tremonti, you’ll know he’s done extremely well for himself; from multi-platinum selling band Creed to current popular rock band Alter Bridge. Gradually as Tremonti has progressed through his music career, it has become apparent that he wants to go heavier in his music direction. With Tremonti taking on vocal and guitar duties, and teaming up with band members from Submersed, this is the album where Tremonti unleashes his heaviest work to date!

Just to rub it in a little bit more, in 2011 Tremonti was voted fourth best guitarist in heavy music in Total Guitar magazine. Tremonti has never been known to do lead vocal duties, as he has always performed back-up harmony vocals in Alter Bridge and Creed. Having been a fan of both other bands, I was sceptical to a degree when I first heard about this album, thinking it was just a third band for Tremonti, only to find out he’s the vocalist, and surprisingly a talented one.

‘You Waste Your Time’ is the first single and one of the most memorable tracks. It’s a combination of hard rock with elements of thrash, reminiscent of Pantera and Metallica-esque riffage. The drumming of Garrett Whitlock is superb, with a no bullshit hard-hitting drum approach, and Eric Friedman harmonizing on electric guitars - who also undertakes bass duties - blends together the entire sound of the album superbly.

All I Was is an album that mimics all the lyrical content of Tremonti’s other bands, that being of trust and betrayal in relationships.
Some strict metal traditionalists would rather dare themselves to lick the rough side of a cheese-grater then listen to this album. As a whole, it’s a well-crafted melodic output that’s full of surprisingly great tunes.
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